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When you add it all up, it’s really not that bad!

How many of you have ever just said “screw it” and eaten something without thinking about the points, knowing you’re going over your daily target, and digging deep in to your weekly points?  You know, those days where you just don’t care, you’re going to eat that pint of Haagen Dazs, whether it fits in to your points or not?


Well, I bet you can guess that I have had one of those recently!

What is more stressful than money stress?  Is there anything out there that can send you flying off of the handle more than someone else screwing up your money and leaving you in a (temporary) mess?

2013-02-01 07.53.23Last night, when I was heading over to a friend’s place to watch a movie, I discovered a situation like I described above and decided that the only logical solution to my problem was to stop at the store and pick up not one, but two flavours of Haagen Dazs to drown my sorrows!   I mean really, what goes better with the 4th installment in my James Bond movie quest that Haagen Dazs, Vodka & maple syrup whisky?

This is all perfectly logical, right?

So here we are, snuggled up under blankets on the couch, 2 pints of ice cream and 2 spoons, eating away my stress!

Now I have to say, the ice cream was delicious, the vodka was calming, the whisky was smooth and the movie was hilariously retro!

But this morning, it the harsh light of day, reality set in.   Yesterday was my 12th consecutive day of tracking honestly & accurately and I had ruined it by having a free for all ice cream binge!! Just to be on the safe side, I was going to have to write off all 49 of my weekly points and the 15 activity points I had left in the bank!

Or was I?

A quick text message to my friend, and I had the information I needed to figure this out.

I was told that we ate about 1/8th of one flavour of ice cream, and 1/2 of the other flavour, so with a little research I was able to figure out that flavour #1 was 30pts+ for the entire container, and #2 was 36pts for the same.  I then asked how much of that my friend thought we each had and was told it was 50/50. So from there I figured out that I had 1/16th of flavour #1, which works out to 2pts+ and 1/4 of  #2, or 9pts+ worth.  So that means I had 11pts+ worth of ice cream!

Now, on to the alcohol. Vodka is 2pts+ for one ounce, and there was less than an ounce left in the bottle. That fact alone was probably a lifesaver, because I am sure that the points spent on Vodka could have been much higher had there been more available to me!  The maple syrup whisky is a bit tricky to figure out the points for, since it’s not your average item that is in the Pocket Guide! I gave it a value of 4pts+ based on the fact that it is definitely a sweet liquor, and most sweet liquors are 4pts an ounce!

So instead of the 64 points I was going to count to atone for my sins, it turns out that by taking a look at the facts I figured out that it had only been a 17pts+ night!

And if you look at the fact that I still had one daily point left, and 15 activity points in the bank, it really wasn’t that bad!

I am SO GLAD I took the time to sit down and figure out exactly how much ‘damage’ I had done last night.  It turned out to be nowhere near as bad as I thought., and once I go for my run tonight, my activity points will be back in a positive balance. If only I could say the same for the balance of my bank account.  Unfortunately that problem is going to take ‘2-3 business days’ to resolve!


Have you ever taken the time to look back and figure out to get a realistic idea of what you did, rather than just writing off all your points, or worse, just sliding down that slippery slope of “well, I already screwed up the week, so why bother?”?




Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. I have not been committed to following the WeightWatchers program completely. I have allowed a few pounds to creep back on over the holidays.

Before we sign on the dotted line and accept a job as a WeightWatchers leaders, we are members. We live the program, we lose weight on the program, we sit in those same chairs that every other member sits in.   Yes, I am a WeightWatchers Leader, but I am also a member. I am a WeightWatchers Lifetime Member, and I am above goal .


When I first joined WeightWatchers, I knew how it worked. I knew that once you reached your goal weight and maintained it for 6 weeks you became a lifetime member and no longer had to pay your weekly meeting fees, as long as you maintained your weight.  Free meetings were a great incentive, and I had it in my head that I would set my goal weight at 160lbs, which is the absolute highest weight someone of my height (5’7″) can set their goal weight with WeightWatchers.

The thing is, once I got down to 160lbs I knew that was not where I wanted to stop. I no longer knew where I wanted to stop, so I decided to keep going until it felt right to stop.  I finally got that “I’m here, I’m at goal” feeling around 148lbs, but decided to set my goal at 146.

For me, 146 made sense because, with WW lifetime membership, you are considered “at goal” as long as you are no more than 2lbs above your goal weight. That meant I could weigh 148lbs and still be ‘at goal’, and that I could never see anything above 150 on the scale again.  I never wanted to see 15_ on the scale again, because I knew that would be the start of the slippery slope leading to 16_, 170_ and so on.

I hit goal in April of 2008, and got lifetime membership in May of 2008, and for a long time, I never saw a number higher than 148 on the scale.

Until recently.

I’m not sure what happened.

Maybe it is the adjustment from 2 straight years of marathon training, in to shorter distance running.  Maybe it’s just complacency.  Maybe it’s laziness. Maybe I was just tired of following rules and I just wanted to rebel.  Maybe I’m Only Human.

Whatever it is, it has to come to an end.

I recently weighed in over 150lbs, and that does not sit well with me.

The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when my area manager for WeightWatchers sent out an email inviting staff to attend a special meeting and put on their member hats. We were specifically told that this wasn’t the place to ask work related questions, it was the place to talk about our ongoing weight loss journey.

Remember, it’s called LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for a reason.  Weight management is an ongoing journey, and everyone is going to have bumps in the road.

At the meeting, I committed out loud to tracking.

When I was in constant marathon training, it was easy to live “Simply Filling” because I was earning so many activity points every week (50-80pts+) that I could enjoy all the foods I love, but I’m not in marathon training anymore.  My running is focused on shorter distances, which means I will be earning less activity points, so I need to readjust my eating habits, because obviously, they cannot continue the way they have been going!


So now it’s time to make a plan, set goals and move forward.

Goal 1: get back in the 140’s

Goal 2: get back to goal

Goal 3: get comfortably below goal and possible reset a newer lower goal.

I’ve also set a non-scale goal.  I have a pair of jeans hanging around the apartment belonging to a previous man in my life. They are a men’s 31″.  Normally I wear a women’s 28, but these men’s jeans are currently too tight on me.  My goal is to have them be super baggy and comfy by the end of March.

TRACKI now have one of our fabulous new TRACK books, and it goes with me everywhere.

I picked a start date, wrote out a plan and prepared myself by getting all the foods I needed to be successful.

Today is day 3 of the new plan, and I’m not going to pretend it has been an easy adjustment.  But, with the help of the new “ROUTINES” potion of the WeightWatchers 360 program, I have decided on 3 things to focus on daily, and it really helps having the check box on each page of the tracker, to check off when you’ve completed each routine.

For this week, the three routines I have chosen are:

1: bring lunch from home everyday (except Thursday).

2: eat fruit twice a day.

3: COOK a healthy dinner everyday.

And I’m happy to report that I have completed all 3 routines every day this week, so far!

So please, forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

I am one of you, and sometimes I struggle,but now that I have set new goals and have started to work towards them, I feel motivated again.


So tell me this, what is that you do when you feel your motivation starting to slip? What is the one piece of advice you would give someone who is struggling and trying to get back on track?



So what does the 360 in WeightWatchers 360° mean anyway?

Since the launch of the New Weight Watchers 360° Program a month ago, I’ve been asked a lot of questions.

People want to know what I think about the program, they want know how it is different from PointsPlus, they want to know what the changes have looked like from my point of view. So because of all the questions, and all the hits on this blog searching for “WeightWatchers 360”, I thought it was time I answered some of the questions!


So, what do I think of the program?

I have to admit that when I first learned of the changes, and first started watching training videos, I was confused. I didn’t see what the big deal was, or what exactly all the changes were. The only thing I saw was that I would have to learn a new way to present my meetings.

It wasn’t until I watched a video of WeightWatchers CEO David Kirchhoff that it clicked. He said that PointsPlus taught us what to eat, and 360 will teach us how to live. He went on to say that WeightWatchers has taken the habits of its most successful members, and incorporated it in to what we talk about in the meeting room.   Suddenly it all made sense. It didn’t seem new, because I was already doing and I LOVE that. I love that we will now be teaching members how to make real changes to their lifestyles, in order to make this a lifestyle change, not just a method of weight loss!

So how is it different from PointsPlus?

Have you ever going to your weigh in, and seen that number on the scale higher than it was the week before?  And what is the first thing you get asked? “Have you been tracking?”. Right… because tracking is the answer to every thing.  Not really. But it is a part of the equation. The rest of the equation involves getting the junk out of the house, and making healthy choices become second nature. In other words, you need to think about your tracking, your spaces and your routines, the three parts of the 360° program.

Now, what have the changes looked like from my point of view?

Well, it is definitely taking me some time to find my groove. I fumble from time to time, but I am absolutely loving the concept of the Monthly Routine. I love the focus on how to integrate healthy living in to your daily live, instead of just talking about what to eat.

I think my favourite part of the 360° is the idea of three hundred and sixty degrees of support. The idea that you can reach out and get support from Weight Watchers 24 hours a day. The community message boards on the websites, the 1-800 numbers, twitter, facebook, meetings and open hours. There are so many places to get support, and hopefully my online presence is one of them.


My overall opinion of the new program is that I love it. It is the best change I have seen in all the years on the program, and I am excited to see all the new members coming through the door over the next few weeks to learn all about it. I’m excited to see the new successes that long time members are starting to have.   I love this time of year at Weight Watchers. I love the buzz and excitement in the meeting room. I love the new commercials on TV. I love all the new voices and opinions and questions in the meeting room!


I can’t wait to share the new program with all the new members, both in the meeting room and online.


Guest Post – Karen – Christmas & a month of Weight Watchers 360

It’s been almost a month since we started the new Weight Watchers 360 program.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to adapt to the new program because it was all about the non food parts of the program and for the most part I haven’t thought about that.  I focus on the Points of the food and making the best choices I can and haven’t worried about the “where and the why”.  Weight Watchers 360 has made me think about other things than the food.


I love routine normally but it has taken a bit to get into the Routines so I log on every morning and reread the routines I have chosen to focus on.  I track online and I love getting rewards so it’s cool to see the tokens appear when I have accomplished the three routines I have selected.  I have chosen “Eating breakfast” as one and every morning I make sure to eat a balanced breakfast.


I also chose “Is what I’m eating worth the WW points” – really important because I’m now down to just 26 daily points.  I want to make sure I use my daily points for real food that will satisfy me and not on junk food.  If I want junk food I have to dip into my extra points or earn some activity points.  This is new for me because before I just ate whatever  and counted the points but this routine has made me focus on the “WHY”.


The third routine is “Waiting before I take seconds”.   I think hard about this and I’m not having too much trouble with this one so it’s time to choose a new Routine to learn.


I wasn’t sure I would like the new Program because it seemed  too “out there” but so far so good.  It got me thru the days leading up to Christmas and I made good choices on Christmas morning when I was faced with a table full of finger foods at my Mom’s… everything from chicken wings, little quiches, cheese and sausage on crackers and butter tarts.  My plan was to have one butter tart and then turn to the veggies and dip and I succeeded.  Christmas dinner was at my sister’s and we do it potluck style and everyone brings a dish.  I did the carrots and brussel sprouts and another sister did turnips with carrots so I was able to stay away from the casserole style veggies.  I used some points for a small piece of cake for dessert and felt satisfied.  All in all it was a good day and when I got home I tracked the day and moved on.  Today I will choose a couple of new routines to focus on and read some more on the “Spaces” section of the website.


This past Saturday was the first weigh in after Christmas and I was there bright and early to weigh in and learn some more about the WW 360 program.  It’s been good so far, I even lost weight over Christmas.

Guest Post – “Why did you join Weight Watchers?”

Recently, with the impending launch of WeightWatchers 360°, I thought it would be fun to look at the Program through the eyes of a member.  I thought it would be interesting to see how they work the program, and how the transition to 360° impacts them.

I asked 2 members to help me, 2 members of different generations, 2 members with different life experiences and points of view.  First off, we have Christina, representing  the under 25s.

I hope you enjoy this look at the program from different perspective.


“Why did you join Weight Watchers?”
Good question.

Let’s back track for a moment. In light of recent changes to the Weight Watchers program (i.e. Weight Watchers 360), I wanted to take a look back at my initial motivations and reasons behind becoming a WW member. Not only is this exercise for myself as I move closer towards my goals, but I figure I’d introduce myself. Kirsty kindly asked me to share some of my experiences on ‘I am the new me’ and I am more than happy to let you all in on what it is that brings me to those weekly meetings and my daily Points Plus Tracker.

When I started university in 2007, I began to develop some really solid, healthy routines. When I reflect on the conscious changes I made, I think I was really just trying to mitigate my high school experience, which involved a complete lack of exercise and healthy eating. When I moved to Victoria, I committed myself to joining a gym, food-journaling, regulated portions, and eating ‘smart’. I wanted to be healthy. I didn’t exactly know what that meant, but I set out to learn. My body changed a lot during those first two years of university – I lost a bit of weight, developed strength and flexibility… I most importantly developed a whole new appreciation for a lifestyle that was rewarding in so many different ways.

My weight started to slowly creep back up after the summer of 2010. I had spent 6-months abroad studying, traveling, and eating my way across Europe. I attribute my loss of routine during that 6-month period to about a 9lb weight gain that just never really went away. I was disappointed.

Once I got back into Canada, a new job brought me heavily into the running community and I eventually started training for my first half-marathon. I thought maybe it would be my exit strategy to get rid of some of the pounds that I had adopted abroad, but sadly, it did not. Running fuelled my hunger to new proportions, increased my muscle mass, and just added to the bulk that I was increasingly disappointed with.

Now don’t get me wrong – lots of people can get away with running without gaining weight – or even come out loosing weight for that matter. At the end of the day, however, I was OK with where I was. My cardio endurance was great. The accomplishments and feeling of ultimate success when I passed those finish lines was worth far more to me than those extra 9lbs. I was happy to run 15k on a Sunday, only to go chase it down with a stack of pancakes, complete with cream cheese syrup and buttery toppings. Or so I thought…

The highs and lows as I like to call them started to get to me. I struggled with crazy peaks of hunger, exhaustion, and extreme guilt regarding my food choices. I found myself unable to strike a happy-medium.  All of this aside, I was also having a difficult time getting back into some of my best routines from before I moved away – especially those relating to my food allergies. As someone who is allergic to wheat, I had forgotten how important it was for me to avoid it all together and became complacent on how awful it made me feel. It’s a slippery slope… my discomfort became masked by continued servings of bread, pizza and cookies and I began to forget how good I felt without it.

Fast-forward two years to September 2012.  My half-marathon training #2 was coming to a close, I was really getting into a good grove with a new job, recently moved into a lovely new apartment with my best friend – things were good. Really good, in fact. I felt like I was in a great place in my life and there was just that one thing missing. Or that I would like to be missing I should say. Those gosh darn 9lbs.

Those 9 represented more to me than just a number on the scale. Loosing them meant gaining my control back, reconnecting with my healthy habits that I had worked so hard to develop. Learning to say “No”… eating for the right reasons. And I knew there was more than 9lbs to go – but that initial hurdle was the first step.

Here enters Weight Watchers. My roommate, who had previously lost 25lbs on the program, wanted to get back on track. Her last year of university set her back on that accomplishment and she was ready to commit again. She sold me on the mantra and I was willing to give it a shot.

“Why not?”


Stay tuned for my next post when I discuss my first impressions of Weight Watchers, how those first two months went, and my transition to Weight Watchers 360.

WeightWatchers Changes Are Coming, and they call it 360°


I have to admit it, every year when the teasers start coming in our staff emails, I get a little nervous.

Everyone fears change.

Our members fear change. They trust the program that they know, so when we tell them we’re changing it, it causes fear.

Here’s the thing I’ve learned over the years though, WeightWatchers always changes for the best!


When we first launched PointsPlus in 2010, I was one of the resistant ones.  They introduced us to the program, and asked us to start living it, 3 weeks before a race I was training for, and there was NO WAY I was changing my routine at that point in time.   Once the race was over, I started living PointsPlus, and I admit, it was hard at first, but once December rolled around and we were talking to members about it, it all got a lot easier.

The PointsPlus program has, by far, been my personal favourite version of the WeightWatchers Points system.  So when teasers starting coming that there were changes in the works, I worried.  I worried, but I KNOW WeightWatchers only changes for the better.

Once I saw the training materials, and watched the videos, it all started to make sense.

Don’t worry, PointsPlus isn’t going anywhere. We’re not changing that!

What is changing is that we will be presenting things to you!  It’s going to be more fun, it’s going to be more interactive, it’s going to make more sense!

I’m not going to tell you all about it, you can go to WeightWatchers.ca to read all about it!  What I am going to tell you is that I am excited about it!  I’m excited to talk about the new science that backs up the plan! I’m excited to start using the new tools!

Most of all, I’m excited to see all the members having more success than ever!

So, check out the meeting finder and make your way to a meeting so that you can hear all about the new WeightWatchers 360° program starting the week of December 2nd!




A week of what I eat – Day 7

Day 7!

Wow! I am totally impressed with myself that I made it this far! Today is going to be a tricky one, since it is weigh in day, and I lead a Weight Watchers meeting after work tonight.  On Thursday, everything I eat is done so “on the run”.

By now, you know how the day starts. With a cup of tea at home and one on the drive in.  Yup, a pretty standard morning in that respect.




Old habits die hard, and even though I work for Weight Watchers, I am still very much a Member first.   Thursday is weigh in day, and I have this thing about eating breakfast on weigh in day.   I guess I think that eating a heavy, hearty bowl of oatmeal on Thursday will erase all the hard work of the rest of the week.  Yes, I know it is irrational, but if there is one thing I know, it is that the majority of Weight Watchers members have some kind of weigh in day routine or superstition!  So I don’t feel alone, tell me, what is yours?



Something I love about this picture of my morning coffee, which today is made with  a WW Chocolate smoothie, instead of chocolate milk, is that you can see my “I LOST 5 POUNDS!” bookmark in the background, with my collection of 5lbs stars & Bravo Stickers!   That bookmark has been on my desk for 3 years now, to remind me what I have accomplished!


My Thursday, Roast Beef Sandwich! I wait all week for this sucker.  The place I go knows exactly what I want, and how I like it.   It is worth every single one of the 10pts+ I track for it!





The other thing I wait all week for is this delicious piece of chocolatey, sugary goodness.  A Nanaimo Bar. From the bakery I normally go to. Not a tasteless, cheap, imitation from some other place!  This nanaimo bar was absolutely worth the 6pts+.







Okay, here is where we get in to some serious honesty.  This used to be my weekly treat. And when it was my weekly treat, I didn’t track it. I once calculated the points, and it is worth 9pts+. It is Rice Pudding. It’s an English thing.  Lately, I’ve only been having it once a month… and I still don’t track it.  I don’t know why, I just hate tracking it.  Maybe it’s the ‘uh oh, I’m being naughty’ feeling that comes with eating something without tracking it, I don’t know. The thing is, I DO eat it, and I KNOW it is 9pts+, so I’m not fooling anyone, especially not myself!


On Thursday after work at the day job, I get in the car and head straight across town for work at Weight Watchers. With just 45 minutes between the two jobs, I have to grab something quick, filling and portable.   Enter, beef jerky! only 2pts+ for the package, and it totally holds me over until the end of my meeting.  Throw a banana in there to fill me up, and you have a satisfying, speedy, transportable ‘meal’.




Once I got home from work, I couldn’t resist the urge for another bowl of weetabix, but this time I managed to stick to just 3 biscuits (5pts+) and 1/2 a cup of milk(1pts+), for a total of 6pts+.







So, there you have it, one week of what I eat. All 7 days!

What do you think?? Manageable? Livable? Satisfying?


Does anyone want to send me in the pictures and descriptions from one day of their food, for a guest post in the coming weeks??




A week of what I eat – Day 6

I find it hard to believe that I actually stuck to my plan to blog everything I eat this week!  Only one more day to go!

This post is going up on Thursday, because Wednesday was a ridiculously hectic day & I ran out of time to write and post this. So, here I sit on Thursday morning, whipping it up at the office before the work day starts!

Being that it is Thursday, that means today is weigh in day, so I get to see how all this work paid off this week!

Now, let’s get to Wednesday’s food!


By now I am sure you all know how the day starts.  Cup of tea when I’m getting ready for work. Cup of tea on the drive, and my 7pts+ oatmeal concoction for breakfast!




The teas wasn’t finished yet, but there was coffee! So the tea cup got pushed to the back and the coffee cup took centre stage!  It’s the usual, 4pts+ Mocha.







The morning coffee wasn’t enough, so banana o’clock came with a little 0pts+ caffeinated friend!








You have seen this lunch before this week. It’s my stand by, in the freezer, go to, 4pts+ pasta lunch.








At some point in the afternoon, I realized I have a slight beverage container issue on my desk.   It can end up being quite cluttered by the end of the day!







The afternoon involved a fruit salad for 0pts+…





and there was also a banana o’clock.  (which I almost forgot to take a picture of)





And then there was last night’s post run dinner.   I had this odd craving for a bowl of cereal and cold milk, so I stopped at the store on the way home & picked up some Weetabix & Milk.   I ended up spending a lot of points on this, because I went back for a 4th biscuit.   So it was 4 biscuits (7pts+)  & 3/4 cup of milk(2pts+).





So, that’s day 6… with Thursday being Day 7, that is the end of my quest to blog everything for the week.

What do you think, should I continue for another week?

Please leave your comments below!





A week of what I eat – Day 5

I’m pretty sure by now you all know that my day starts with a cup of tea while I’m getting ready for work, then a cup of tea for the drive to work.  Again, it’s the same morning oatmeal as day one, for 7pts+.







Then it was the cup off coffee that sparked the “Who makes the coffee in your office?” conversation on twitter. My morning “Mocha” for 4pts+.







Banana o’clock arrived right on schedule this morning. I forgot to take my vitamins with breakfast, so there they are at banana o’clock!







I’m a marathon runner who hates water!  Staying hydrated is hard for me.  I will choose coke zero, tea or coffee over water any day. But lately, since I got my Kool FM water bottle, for some reason I am finding it easier to drink my water.  I do use a little Crystal Light to add some flavour to make it bearable to drink!





For lunch today, I had to pop out of the office and buy something because I had been too lazy to go to the grocery store last night!  I headed down the street to a place called the Sandwich Corner. I love this place. The paninis are delicious!  This is their “Philly Steak” Panini. It is on the small side for a panini, but well worth it’s 10pts+.


Yesterday I had a craving for a Nanaimo Bar.  I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I had no chance of resisting when I saw them in the display case at the sandwich shop.  Usually a Nanaimo Bar is well worth the 6pts+ I spend on them, but this one was seriously sub par and I am left feeling let down.  It’s kinda like when you covet a dress on a mannequin in a store window, only to have it look like crap when you try it on. That kind of disappointment!


What a tiny steak tonight. I tracked 3pts+ for it.  The cup pf brocolli was 0pts and the potatoes cost me 5pts! EEK! It has been a high points day.




Tomorrow will be better!

How was your day?





A week of what I eat – day 3

Breakfast on a Sunday consists of the daily oatmeal & a cup of tea. Are you starting to notice a trend here? 7pts. +







The drive down from Shawnigan to Victoria today, to be there by 8:30am for my 19K run, made it an extra tea needed morning, and since I had forgotten both my travel mugs at home, it was a trip to Timmy’s for a steeped tea.  A love 0pts+, if only it was $0!






On average, I earn 1 activity point for every kilometer I run.  So today’s 19K run earned me about 19pts.   That means when I get to the coffee shop after the run, I have plenty of points to indulge in a tummy treat.  Today was a white chocolate mocha, for 6pts+ and a bagel & cream cheese. The bagel was 4pts, it was a small one, and a tbs of cream cheese is 1pt.





When I got back up to the lake, N wanted to go to Home Depot to check some prices on the baseboard trim  and trim for around the doors in the rooms where the painint and renovations are complete. I was getting hungry, so I graabed myself a ‘fried’ egg. Cooked in pam cooking spay, a slice of white toast and a drizzle of ketchup.  2 pts+ for the egg, 0pts for that little ketchup and 2pts+ for the slice of toast.  All in all, it was a tasty quick, lunch on the run.  THere was a cup of tea with it, b  ut it never made it in to the photograph.



I knew the toast & egg wasn’t going to be enough to hold me over until we got back from our errands, so I grabbed a banana and threw it in my purse. Half way through the outing, it was banana o’clock!




Tonight, N got to pick what was for dinner. He makes these pizzas on tortilla shells that are absolutely delicious. He uses plain old 12 inch white tortillas, but while we were out, I picked up some whole weat, 8 inch tortillas.   I made sure we took the time to measure all the ingredients. There was a LOT of cheese that I could cut back on bext time.  There are 2 tortillas at 2pts each, the different cheeses total almost 1 1/2 cups and 8pts(see, I could cut back)!!



Oh my goodness, that looks like a deceptively large amount of coolwhip on tonight’s fruit salad!  It’s really just the angle of the picture, and the size of the bowl. It’s no more coolwhip than I normally have.  0pts+ for the fruits, and 1pt+ for the ymmy cool whip!







Again, as last night, I welcome your comments on how you would track these things.