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I’m living the Goodlife.

I mentioned in my last post that ‘step 2’ of my training plan for my next marathon was to join a gym blocks from my office.

I’ve never been a gym person. In fact, I took up running so that I could be physically active, but avoid the gym.  I’ve always found the concept of a group of sweaty people, side by side, on work out machines, grunting & groaning, running in one spot like a bunch of hamsters running on a hamster wheel, to be quite un-motivating!

I guess something has changed that opinion for me though.

I had the realization that my fitness goals will be hard to reach without the benefit of a gym & that there is more to a gym than just rows of cardio machines. At the gym, I can work on my upper body strength, and my core.  2 things that will benefit my running. I can also do some cross training on the bike, or the elliptical machine, which will still give me a cardio workout, without the impact of running.

Yes, there are benefits to the gym, even for an ex-gym-hater like myself.  In fact, I’ve actually come to quite enjoy my time at the gym, and not just for the eye-candy that can often be seen there.

I can often be seen tweeting about my work outs, and work out plans.  So much so that it caught the attention of the people working the twitter account for my gym and the next thing I knew I was talking to the people at their head office about sharing my story.

I was initially asked to write a single, 600 word,  blog post, outlining my story from overweight & inactive to living the “goodlife”.

What I ended up submitting was an 850 word post. I couldn’t get all the parts of the story in there, and make it any shorter.

Well, apparently my style of writing really caught their attention & they want to know more.  So I have been asked to write a bi-weekly blog post for  the Goodlife Fitness Blog.

Starting with my introduction post on March 1st, you can read my point of view on topics like goal setting, motivation, nutrition, work out variety & more!

I am really excited at this opportunity to share my experiences with health & fitness, and to hopefully motivate others to make positive changes in their lives!

If there are any topics you guys would like me to cover, feel free to let me know!