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Race Results

DateRaceDistance (km)
May 6, 2012BMO Vancouver Marathon42.23:59:35PB
April 29, 2012Times Colonist 10K1049:02PB
March 18, 2012Comox Half Marathon21.11:54:16
March 4, 2012Bazan Bay 5K523:58
January 8, 2012Pioneer 8K843:21
October 30, 2011Shawnigan Half Marathon21.11:59:04
October 9, 2011GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon42.24:09:48
June 5, 2011Fort Rodd Hill Historic Half Marathon21.12:09:39
May 15, 2011Oak Bay Half Marathon21.11:55:28
May 1, 2011BMO Vancouver Marathon42.24:12:40
March 20, 2011Comox Half Marathon21.11:53:41PB
March 6, 2011Bazan Bay 5K523:21PB
January 23, 2011Cobble Hill 10K1049:48First sub 50 min 10K
January 9, 2011Pioneer 8K840:14
October 31, 2010Shawnigan Lake Half Marathon21.12:00:58
October 10, 2010GoodLife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon21.11:54:09
September 12, 2010Lands End Half Marathon21.11:56:01
September 5, 2010Harbour City Half Marathon21.11:56:49
August 15, 2010CFB Esquimalt Navy 10K1052:57
July 11, 2010Calgary Stampede 10K1055:41
June 6, 2010Fort Rodd Hill Historic Half Marathon21.12:04:19
May 16, 2010Oak Bay Half Marathon21.12:00:15
April 25, 2010Times Colonist 10K1052:58
March 7, 2010Bazan Bay 5K524:34First sub 25 min 5K
January 24, 2010Cobble Hill 10K1054:16
January 10, 2010Pioneer 8K843:28
October 11, 2009Royal Victoria Marathon42.24:21:58First Marathon
June 28, 2009Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon21.11:59:21First sub-2hr half
May 24, 2009Oak Bay Half Marathon21.12:01:00
April 26, 2009Times Colonist 10K1052:58
March 22, 2009Comox Half Marathon21.12:07:32First Half Marathon
March 8, 2009Bazan Bay 5K526:07
January 25, 2009Cobble Hill 10K1055:40
January 11, 2009Pioneer 8K843:57
October 12, 2008Royal Victoria Marathon 8K Road Race844:57First 8K
April 27, 2008Times Colonist 10K101:02:00First 10K
March 9, 2008Bazan Bay 5K530:26First 5K
June 24, 2012Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon21.11:54:21
October 7, 2012GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon42.24:39:59WME
(Worst Marathon Ever)
January 13, 2013Pioneer 8K840:11PB

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