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A day within my control!

Yesterday was one of the few days this week that was totally within my control.

Back to work, back  to routine.

As you probably guessed, the morning started out with the routine of Tea, Oatmeal & my home made mocha.  That routine takes up 11 points of my day.

I worked right through the morning and didn’t even notice banana o’clock come & go.  Before I knew it, it was lunch time.

This is a frozen pasta left over. I had onion, broccoli, chicken thigh & whole wheat pasta. It is about 4pts+ before the cheese.  I sliced up a Babybel light (1pts+) to melt over top. It was delicious and filling.

I had to eat it at my desk while I was working though, because I had a 1 o’clock appointment to meet with my friend Skye to see the printed proofs of the “Van Island Runners for Cancer” calendar project we’ve been working on!

Let me tell you, walking in to that coffee shop and seeing the printed proof (open to my month) laying on the table when I walked in really made things, well… REAL!  This isn’t some crazy little amateur project! This thing actually looks like it was put together by people who know what they are doing!

If you are interested in finding out more, buying a calendar, or attending our launch party, please head on over to our Facebook Page for more information!

Taking lunch an hour later sure made the afternoon fly by.  With the exception of a mid-afternoon banana o’clock, I didn’t move from my desk at all in the afternoon.  Before I knew it, it was 4 o’clock and time to head up to the lake for dinner with my man.

Even though both of my families dinners this weekend had served roast beef, I couldn’t get over this wicked red meat/BBQ steak craving I’ve had lately. So, since it was the first time in nearly a month N & I were sitting down to dinner, just the two of us all by ourselves, we decided to have steak, baked potato and roasted veggies.  This is probably one of my current favourite meals!

The potato was 2pts+.  Steak 5pts+. Fat Free Sour Cream = 1pts+. Bacon Bits = 1pts+. The carrots, broccoli, onion & green onion were “free” & I counted 1pts+ for the oil used in cooking.

This meal is always higher points that I usually like, but it is always worth it.

Then, after supper I had the last slice of Saturday’s “Ultimate” cake.  I even remembered to take a picture of it, so you can see the delicious  inner workings of this amazing cake creation.

As for points… yeah, I’m not even going to hazard a guess, that would just ruin the whole cake experience for me.

Now it’s on to Tuesday.   I have my “Birthday Dinner” with friends tonight, and I have a plan, but who knows what is going to happen when the time comes to sit down at dinner.   I guess I will let you know tomorrow!

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