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A short hiatus!

I know I told you all on Thursday that I would continue to post updates every couple days, but I’ve since decided to take a one week hiatus from blogginh my food.

I had the best intentions of keeping up with the blogging during this week, but it got to be too much really fast.

On Friday, I got up and got everything ready to take with me on my round trip ferry ride to pick up N’s son at the Tsawwassen. I actually did quite well with that.

I stopped at Serious Coffee on my way to the ferry, to get a mocha (6pts+) and I had packed my usual oatmeal concoction to eat on the ferry. I also had a couple bananas and a fibre 1 bar with me.  I was prepared.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the ‘melt down’ I had at lunch.

After my first encounter with N’s ex wife, 4 hours on the SAME ferry, 2 hours with a VERY excited 10 year old, and being late to pick N up at the airport, I had absolutely no desire to eat a healthy meal!  We stopped at the first ‘non fast-food’ restaurant I saw after leaving the airport – White Spot.  I’m sure that if I had looked closely at the menu I could have made a healthier choice, but there is just something about White Spot & The BC (Bacon Cheddar) Chicken Burger that just go together and cannot be separated.  I enjoyed the burger & ate half the yam fries before passing the plate to N to let him finish! I guess it wasn’t too much of a melt down, but it was definitely not something I would have chosen to eat in better circumstances.

Dinner wasn’t too bad. We were at N’s parents house and they made an amazing Roast Beef dinner with some veggies & au gratin potatoes.  Everything was delicious, and I resisted the urge to have seconds.  Then there was cake, and I even resisted a second slice of cake.

This was pretty much the point in time that I decided this blog has to go on hiatus this week.

It is my birth-week.  With my Birthday being on Thursday, the 17th, there is a lot of celebrating going on and I find it difficult to remember to photograph food when so much is going on.  I had a dinner with N’s family Friday, my Family Saturday, N & I had company at the lake house yesterday, I have a birthday dinner tomorrow, my actual birthday Thursday & a date with N on Friday!

With so much going on, I decided that I am going to give myself a break from tracking this week.  I am going to eat reasonably, try to minimize second helpings, and enjoy all the birthday treats coming my way.

Saturday night’s dinner was also a delicious roast beef dinner.  Roast beef, steamed carrots, roasted broccoli, roasted potatoes & yams, I passed up the Yorkshire puddings  & gravy, but enjoyed the rest of the meal, and the only thing I took seconds of was the broccoli!

The edible highlight of Saturday’s dinner was this amazing cake from Lighthouse Cake Company.

This is the description from their website:

The Ultimate Cake: The name says it all! Vanilla and chocolate cake layered with white chocolate, grand marnier mousse, oranges, and raspberries, all covered with gold dusted marzipan in a dome shape. WOW!
Seriously, the best cake ever.   The picture isn’t even from this weekend, the picture is from my birthday in 2008.

Anyway, the cake was amazing, and, again, I resisted the urge to take seconds.  I even resisted the urge to take all the left overs home. I took just enough left overs to share with N & our house guest last night.

Saturday night also involved my birthday present from my mom.  I guess she figures turning 35 is a significant birthday.

I’ve known what my birthday present was going to be for a while now.  My mom asked me about it months ago. More bling!

My mom had the stones from engagement ring my dad gave her reset in a custom designed white gold ring for me.

I’m not usually terribly sentimental, but my dad has been gone since 1994, so it’s kinda cool to have this ring for myself now.

It is a sapphire in the centre, with 3 diamonds down each side of the band.

Pretty, no?

Okay, back to the food!

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, N & I were up by 7:30 and in the kitchen to make a delicious breakfast before he & C got back on the ferry.  Bacon, eggs, hashbrowns & toast.  Delicious.  Bacon is a ‘red light food’ for me, but having to share it with 2 other people forced me not to eat the entire package to myself!

The rest of Sunday involved a 2 hour nap after N left for the ferry, a home made mocha, a fibre 1 bar & a banana before work. I had a cup of tea &  bag of WW Rosemary & Olive Oil pretzel thins at work.

After work I had a tortilla pizza, similar to the one I made last week.

All in all, even though I haven’t been tracking, and I’ve having more treats than usual, I feel pretty good about being on track right now.

Today stands to be a good day. I’ve packed my usual food for the work day and N& I have planned a steak dinner tonight.  Our first home alone, dinner for two, in a month!

I wonder though, how would you guys handle an entire week of abnormality?  How would you stay on track?




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