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Sometimes you need a break…

I didn’t intend for yesterday to be a break, it just happened.


I had all the pictures uploaded, ready to start writing when the day got crazy busy. I also ended up being so busy that I forgot to take pictures of yesterday’s food, so this post includes Wednesdays food. What I can tell you about Thursday is that I stayed within my daily points target and it was more or less a duplicate of last Thursday.

One of the things that distracted me yesterday was the arrival of a gift from N.  My awesome boyfriend is away right now, in Halifax on training. He was scheduled to come home tomorrow, but that has since been delayed until next week.  I’m kinda bummed he’s not coming home tomorrow as planned, but the change of plans makes it so that he will be home for my birthday & the multiple celebrations that go along with it! Before he left, we picked out a gift together.  I’m a fussy girl, I admit it, and N knows this. He also knows that the best way to ensure that I love my gift is to let me be in on the selection process.  He did really well last year when he bought me an amazing watch for my birthday, but this year, I had a hand in picking a gift, a gorgeous, white gold, 3 stone, tanzanite ring. It is so pretty, I can’t stop staring at it.  I think I need to go have it sized down half a size though because it is flopping around a little on my finger! (The larger ring, on my middle finger is a white gold, blue topaz & diamond ring that my mom bought me for my birthday about 5 years ago. When she bought it, it was actually snug on my ring finger, but now it fits loosely on my middle finger).



Anyway… Wednesday happened before Thursday, so let’s get to it.

  The day started off the same as always.  Tea, Mocha(4pts+) and my daily oatmeal concoction(7pts+).

I’m still looking for suggestions for a more portable breakfast for a Saturday morning. Something I can eat in the car on the way to Lead my Saturday Morning WeightWatchers group.




As usual, there was banana o’clock.









Lunch was one of the chicken thighs(2pts+) I had baked on Tuesday night, and some roasted broccoli(0pts+).  I’m not a huge fan of dark meat chicken, but we have a lot of it in the house, so I am trying to use it up. To make it a little more bearable, I melted a tablespoon of 3 cheese Italian blend (1pts+) on it.





I had a real sweet tooth on Wednesday, but instead of heading off to the store for some chocolate, I had some Strawberries & mandarin orange for an early afternoon snack.  Between that, and a conversation about WeightWatchers on Twitter, I was completely distracted from my chocolate craving!





On Wednesdays I have a 2 hours gap between work & running. over time I’ve figured out that it isn’t enough time to eat a meal, but it’s too much time to go without food.  So I need to come up with something to eat that won’t give me stomach cramps during the run, but also won’t leave me starving by the time I am done.  This week I spread out a selection of snacks  over the 3 hours before the run. Some 0pts+ fruit, a babybel light (1pts+), a Fibre 1 bar (4pts+) and a 2% yogurt(3pts+).

I don’t usually find that yogurt is worth the points, but, in the spirit of not letting food go to waste, I brought this with me as as snack. It was a left over from the post race food that was given out at the half marathon on Sunday.


By time I was done my run, and had driven back up to the lake, it was kinda late, and I was a little hungry.  I made myself a cup of decaff tea and a slice of toast.  This bad boy cost me 2pts+ for the bread, 2pts+ for the margarine and 0pts+ for the sugar free strawberry spread.


Now, as you know, Thursday is my weigh in day and I am on a mission to lose 10lbs by following the program to the letter.  In week one of this tracking and blogging project I lost 3lbs, and this week I lose 1.8lbs. So that is a total of 4.8lbs in 2 weeks. Almost halfway there.


Now today is Friday and I have a lunch date with a friend, and I fully intend to have something ooey gooey, high points and “naughty”. So pay attention tomorrow to see what my “naughty” food was, and how I balanced out the rest of the day!



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