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And then there are more good days!

By now, you know how this goes.  I start the day with a cup of tea on my drive to work, then it’s my 7pts+ oatmeal Concoction & a 4ptes+ mocha once I get to the office.  Boring , Predictable and Delicious!






Banana o’clock happened.








Lunch was a 5pts+ repeat from yesterday.

I know it gets boring for you guys when I eat the same thing everyday, but cooking multiple servings of an on plan meal & putting it in the freezer really makes it easier for me to stay on plan when I am busy & tired!





My afternoon snack was some 0pts+ fruit and a 1pts+ Babybel Light. Boring, but delicious!








See that empty spot on the dinner plate, that is where the chicken was supposed to go, but it was taking longer to cook than the rest of the meal & I was STARVING! I ended up satisfied and didn’t have the chicken. I saved it for lunches.

What I did end up eating was a small baked potato (2pts+), with 1/4 cup of Fat Free Sour Cream(1pts+), 2tbs Bacon Bits(2pts+) and some chopped green onions(scallions).  There also some oven roasted broccoli with 1pts+ tracked for the oil it was tossed in before roasting it.

The plate makes the potato look really big, but I use that good old WeightWatchers trick of eating off of a smaller plate, so that I still get the pleasure of eating a FULL plate of food.


I’m starting to notice that my snacks & meals are getting repetitive. I am sure that comes from the fact that N is away and I can’t be bothered putting too much creativity in to cooking for one.  I am also trying to use up some ‘bulk’ groceries we bought before I buy more groceries. I see a lot of chicken thighs & baked potatoes in my future.

So, what are you go to snacks?

How would you suggest I use up a huge bag of potatoes & never ending chicken thighs?

What are your favourite low points meals?

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  1. Natalie says:

    I like to cut up a baked potato (before I cook it) into french fry slivers, spray with cooking spray, salt and bake in an oven for 30 minutes. A healthier, delicious version of french fries!