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There are good days, and there are bad days.

Monday wasn’t the best day.

I overslept, left late for work and had a morning that was pretty much just a comedy of errors.  However, I did manage to pretty much stay on track.


By now, I am sure you know how the day starts.  A cup of tea in the ‘cupcakes’ mug, a 4pts+ Mocha in the purple mug, and my 7pts+ oatmeal concoction in the black mug.

What can I say? I am pretty much a huge creature of habit. But why mess with what works!  This breakfast routine came in to being after over a year of experimenting with and tweaking my breakfast until I found something that kept me satisfied for most of the morning, and that I acutally enjoyed!



Speaking of being a creature of habit. Banana o’clock happened today. Pretty much right on schedule at 11am.   Poor thing looks like it was on the losing end of a bar brawl, but there was only one bruise on the actual fruit once I peeled it, so itwas all good!






Lunch was the first of the freezer meals I made on Friday, with the addition of the Italian 3 cheese blend.  The great thing about this freezer meal is that somehow it tastes better after a few days in the freezer.  The PointsPlus breakdown is listed on yesterday’s blog along with the recipe.






Yesterday there was a mid afternoon snack of strawberries & Babybel light (1pts+). I also had another banana late afternoon, just before meeting a friend for an early dinner.  I knew what I wanted for supper, so I didn’t want to get to the restaurant hungry and then change my mind and have a 3000pts+ cheese burger.






For supper I had made up my mind, in advance, to give in to a ‘craving’ for caesar salad.  I LOVE caesar salad, but it is just one of those foods that I can’t have in the house because I will live off of it for a week and eat way more than is smart. It’s not that it is a ‘bad’ food, it’s just high in points.  Last night I tracked 9pts+ for the salad, and 3pts+ for the chicken breast, making it a 12pts+ meal.  That is about DOUBLE the amount of points I am usually willing to spend on one meal.  But it was worth it.


There was also a (decaff) grande, nonfat, no whip, mocha in my day yesterday. I was covering an evening WeightWatchers meeting so that my coworker could take her young son out for Halloween, and I needed a drink to warm me up, since it was a little bit chilly.  I was already over my points for the day, so spending 6pts+ on a decaff coffee wasn’t exactly fun for me, but I needed something rich and creamy to warm me up from the inside!




So yeah, I went over my points for the day, and yeah I didn’t get any activity points earned, but oh well. This is the real world after all, and I can’t spend all my time obsessing about absolutely always staying within my daily points target. Some days, you go over. That’s the joy of the plan. You CAN go over!

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