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Bad Blogger! BAD!

It’s a 3 for one special! A three for one special!

You get 3 blog entries for the price of one!

First, let me apologize for my absence. It was a crazy weekend.

I came home exhausted on Friday night, without the mental or physical energy to write the blog, and somehow had to muster up the energy to cook & clean the house for company on Saturday.  I accomplished one of those tasks!

So, since it’s Sunday night, and I anticipate a busy day tomorrow, I’m going to give you a three for one special!


Let’s start with a big OOPSIES!  I forgot to take a picture of breakfast, but it’s the same everyday, so that’s Okay, right?


For those of you who don’t know, Breakfast is a 7pts+ oatmeal/protein/fibre concoction, that I have after I get to work. I drink a cup of tea on the drive to work, and have my ‘work mocha’ at the office for 4pts+.

I don’t know what it was about Friday, but I was not feeling snacky at all. It was a 3 meals, no snacks kind of day!

So, with no banana o’clock mid morning, it was straight on to lunch.  Since Thursday is a long day for me, I hadn’t made anything for lunch, so I popped around the corner to a little cafe & grabbed a panini. It was delicious!  I didn’t have time to dissect it and calculate the points, so I searched eTools for a comparable item & found a beef & cheese panini for 9pts+.  I am not sure how accurate that was, but it was the best I could do at the time.  If you have any suggestions on how you would track it, I’d love to hear it!


When I got home, since I Had decided to make pasta & tomato sauce for dinner, I decided to dissect this one and give you a run down of the ‘recipe’.  I laid out all the ingredients on the counter and snapped a picture, before starting to cook.  Ingredients: whole wheat pasta, canned diced tomatoes, an onion, 3 cheese italian blend & spices.

I chopped the whole onion up in to a large dice and sautéed it in a couple teaspoons of canola oil with some dried minced garlic until it started to get translucent.  After that I dumped the whole large can of diced tomatoes, as the spices to taste and let it simmer for a while.  While I am doing this, I have 2 ‘servings’ (85g/8pts+ each) of whole wheat spaghetti cooking.  My goal was to make supper, and a couple extra servings to freeze and take to work for lunches this week.




These ingredients should make 4 meals, so I divided the pasta between 3 lunch containers and my plate, added the sauce and put the containers in the freezer.That leaves you with 4pts+ each for the pasta, and 0pts+ for the vegetables.  (2tsp canola oil = 2pts = .5pts+ per serving = 0pts+ tracked per serving)











Then, with my dinner, I grated up one Babybel Light (1pts+) for a total PointsPlus Values for this meal of 4.   One the 3 lunches, I will use 1tbs of the 3 Cheese Italian Blend, which is less cheese, but more flavour for the same 1pts+ as the  babybel light.






I rounded out the night with a 3pts+ hot chocolate with 1pts+ worth of fat free cool whip. For some reason, I just couldn’t warm up, and tea was just not going to cut it that night!  I desperately wanted to add a shot of Kahlua, but I knew that I didn’t have the points to spare, and with Sunday’s half marathon looming, it wasn’t a good idea!






Saturday started off as one of those days where the thought of eating breakfast just did not appeal to me, but I knew that if I didn’t eat something before WeightWatchers work, I would be useless to the members and probably faint right in the middle of the meeting.  I had my normal cup of tea while I was getting ready, and I knew that my purple travel mug was soon to be filled with my weekly 6pts+ coffee shop mocha treat, but I needed to have something portable to eat.  I grabbed a Fibre 1 (4pts+) out of the cupboard, and a Babybel Light (1pts+) from the fridge and threw them in my bag.

I ate those on my drive in to town, then grabbed a banana at the convenience store beside work and ate that before starting the meeting.

After WeightWatchers, my friend Jenny (a member at that meeting) was coming back to my house for a girls night, before running the Half Marathon with me on Sunday. We had some errands to run on the drive back to the lake, so we stopped for a sandwich on the way, because we were getting too hungry to wait until we got home to eat.  This guy wasn’t as good as my Thursday Roast Beef Sandwich, but it did the trick. (10pts+). Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon, both Jenny & I indulged in a delicious banana for a snack!


Girls night ended up being somewhat disorganized due to an accident closing the main route from Victoria to N’s house, so Jenny & I had dinner while we waited to find out if the other girls were even going to make it! Here we have a delicious 5pts+ strip loin steak. A small (2pts+) baked potato, with fat free sour cream (1pts+ for 1/4 cup), some free green onions, and 2 tablespoons of bacon bits for 2pts+. There was a drizzle of poil on both the roasted veggies & the sautéed onions, so I tracked a point for that.

All in all, it was a delicious pre-race meal, that I recreated once the rest of the girl made it here via the ferry.



Sunday! Race Day!


It was a crazy day, having to get out of the door for the race, and having a house full of people, so I forgot (again) to take a picture of breakfast.  As usual there was a cup of tea and my 7pts+ oat meal concoction, and I accompanied it with the coffee I would usually make at work for 4pts+.  All in all, a normal morning.

Then it was off to the half marathon, which will likely warrant a blog entry all on it’s own.

After the race, a group of my running buddies came back to the house for home made cupcakes (not made by me) and some tea/coffee.  Again, I forgot to take a picture, but since there was ONE left over cupcake, after I forced everyone to take some home, I took this picture tonight after getting home. Jenny & I consulted each other on the cupcakes, and decided they were worth about 10pts+ each. They weren’t that big, and there wasn’t too much frosting.

After the get together, I rushed everyone out of the house, got ready for work and drove Jenny home. On the way, I had to stop to get something to eat, so at a drive thru, I grabbed a bagel & cream cheese & a cup of tea.  I tracked 9pts+. It was not a large bagel, and they were very sparing with the cream cheese.

At work I had a banana & my ‘go-to’ beef jerky to get me through the meeting.

By the time I got back up to the lake, I was starving and on my drive I had considered fast food as a solution. Running tends to cause crazy hungry monsters to inhabit my tummy!  But, since I was on the phone with N for part of my drive, and Jenny for the other I didn’t want to say “hey, can I call you back after I place this fast food drive thru order?”.

When I got home, I threw a potato in the microwave for a lazy baked potato and reheated some left over roast veggies in the toaster oven.  Points were tracked the same as last night. I realize that there isn’t really a protein portion of this meal, but I was just too tired, and too hungry to good something.  It ended up being satisfying anyway!


All in all, I think this was a successful 3 days.  Even with eating out, and cooking for guests, I haven’t gotten to far out of control. I went over my daily points a couple times, but still have all my weekly points, and a few of my activity points left!


I will try to be better at remembering to take pictures tomorrow, but I can’t make any promises, since it is another out of routine day.  I’ve offered to cover a Monday night WeightWatchers meeting so that the regular leader can take her kids out for Halloween.  That was my way of making sure I didn’t have to be around any candy this year!! Smart thinking, hey?



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