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Thursdays are the hardest days!

Thursdays are the hardest days to stay on track.  My schedule is all over the place.


Thursday is my weigh in day, and I also work an evening WeightWatchers meeting. That means, after my Wednesday evening run, I go home and do my prep for the meeting the next night, then go to bed, usually lat, then I get up in the morning, race out the door and realize half way to work that I forgot to pack breakfast.  It is days like this that are the reason why there are always WeightWatchers smoothies in my drawer, and bananas on my desk!


Yesterday’s breakfast was a bit of a mish-mash.  Tea was the same as always, but in the Coffee cup I have a WeightWatchers Vanilla smoothie, instead of my usual fat free creamer.  The points worked out the same though, so it was still a 4pt coffee.





On Thursday, lunch is always the same.  A Roast Beef Sandwhich on whole grain bread, with lots of veggies, easy on the mayo, and one tieenie tiny piece of cheese.  I calculated the points on this baby a year ago when we first switched to PointsPlus, so I’m not going to list the ingredient, I’ll just say I track 10pts for this baby. Also, there were 2 halves to it, I just forgot to take the picture before diving in!




Another thing that happens on Thursday, almost without fail, is Nanaimo Bar Thursday.  Hey, if I’ve been a good girl, and tracked my points and gone to weigh in, I deserve a 6pt treat, right?  I don’t even have to talk to the girls at the bakery… they know what I want, and they know not to bother putting it in a bag, I’m eating it NOW!





I only have 45 minutes to leave my day job and head to WeightWatchers on a Thursday evening, so I don’t usually have time for a ‘proper meal’.  I usually just opt for a bunch of snacky type things eaten slowly over the evening. Last night ‘dinner’ consisted of a Venti Starbuck tea for a whopping 0pts, some pineapple (juiced drained) for 0pts, my favourite mandarin orange segments (juice drained) for 0pts, a Babybel Light for 1pt, and another Thursday staple, my Teriyaki beef jerky for 2pts.



I also munched on a 2pt package of the WeightWatchers BBQ Popped Snacks while I was at work and had 2 cups of 94% fat free popcorn for 1pt when I got home.


So, since this is a WeightWatchers story, and we’re talking Weight Watchers points, I guess I’ll tell you the results of my tracking for a week?

Last Thursday I went to Weigh-In. It had been less than 2 weeks since I ran the marathon, and I was fighting my appetite.  I was still ‘marathon hungry’ but I definitely wasn’t ‘marathon active’.  So I had to constantly right my appetite. For the first couple days after the marathon, I gave my body what it wanted. I ate what I craved, and I ate as much as I needed.  Then I knew I had to smarten up and get back on track, so I started tracking again. When I went to my first post-marathon weigh in, I was up 4lbs from my pre-marathon weight, and 9lbs over my ‘happy weight’.

So, what did the scale tell me this week?  It said I was down 3lbs from last week. (results not typical, haha).


It just goes to show that when you follow the program, and track what you are eating, you will lose weight.

Imagine that. The program works.

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  1. Tara says:

    Yum! That slice looks so yummy.
    I really appreciate you giving the Pro Points values for the food you are blogging about

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