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This time, with points.

I was asked if I could add the PointsPlus values to my posts, so here we go.


Breakfast, the usual.

My Oatmeal ‘concoction’ is made up of one scoop of Genisoy Protien Powder (3pts+), Flavoured Oatmeal (3pts+), 1tbs bran (1pt+) and1tsp of ground flax. Breakfast costs me a total of 7pts.

My morning coffee contains 1/2 cup of chocolate milk (2pts+), 2tbs Fat Free Vanilla Creamer(2pts+), and plain old black coffee (0pts+).

My morning vitamins include Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium & Magnesium, Glucosamine & Chondroitin, B100 Complex, Evening Primrose Oil & Fish Oil (Omega 3).  All the supplements I take are on doctors advice for 2 main reasons. One, I have weak bones and was finding myself frequently risking stress fractures with my running, so I needed to strengthen my bones. The other main reason is PMS. As I have been aging, my PMS has been getting worse. I was dealing with wicked mood swings and uncontrollable crying fits in the days leading up to my monthly visitor. After doing some research, and talking to my doctor, we added some vitamins to my routine, and I am happy to say that everything has been much more under control ever since.

Yesterday  marked the return of banana o’clock to my day.  It was only absent for a day.

Yes, I actually like my bananas with that much brown on them.  So much tastier than icky green bananas.

Banana Bonus, it’s 0pts+.




I couldn’t quite make it to lunch without a second snack, so I grabbed myself a babybel light(1pt+) from the fridge and some mandarin orange segments (packed in fruit juice, with juice drained before eating) (0pts+).  I love oranges, but hate peeling them, so the segments packed in fruit juice are perfect for me. And they are still 0pts if you drain off the juice before eating!




Continuing the trend of last night’s dinner being today’s lunch, here we are with a bowl of tomato soup(3pts+).  To save points, I made it with half water, half skim milk.  I always have to have Whole Wheat Toast(3pts+) with my soup, but darn it, I forgot to pack margarine in my lunch, so it was dry toast.





A quick afternoon stack of Strawberries(0pts+) & another Babybel (1pt+) held me over until just before my run.   On Wednesday nights, I meet my running group at 6pm for a run through downtown.  I usually just stick around the office & work a little longer to get things done, before heading up the street to meet the group.  I don’t like to have a huge meal before my run, and I don’t like to run on an empty stomach. It’s a balancing act that I get right sometimes & wrong sometimes.  Last night, I got it right.  Although, I don’t think the caffeinated coke zero was exactly the right choice, I kinda of had an unusual energy kick during my run. It could have come from the yummy Fibre1(4pts+) bar I ate as well.   The run went well. It was nice & fast and earned me 5 Activity PointsPlus Values!


I would love to show you dinner, but I kind of forgot to take a picture of it after I got home from my run. Remember when I said on Tuesday night I had felt like toast & jam for dinner, but had soup instead. Well, last night I caved and had a cup of tea with toast and marmalade. 3pts+ for the bread, 2pts+ for the margarine & 1pt+ for the sugar free marmalade.  Sometimes, you just have to give in to the craving and enjoy it!


So, I hope listing the PopintsPlus Values of what I am eating has helped.  Hopefully I can go back through the last couple posts over the weekend and edit them to inclues them as well.




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