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Here we go again…

I’m a woman on a mission baby!

And that mission is to lose 10lbs.

So, to keep me on track, here is what I ate yesterday.


It started out with the usual cup of tea / oatmeal / coffee routine & I had my morning vitamins then too. That rarely changes in my day, except sometimes on the weekend.




I gathered all my snacks together the night before andgot them ready for the day.  2 bananas, 2 Babybel Light strawberries & some mandarine orange segments (packed in fruit juice that I drain off before eating).  And hey look, my vitamins make another appearance.





Lunch was a chicken thigh & some roasted veggies. I am not a huge fan of the dark meat chicken, but we have an excess of it in the freezer & it needs to be used up.







For dinner, I really wanted to eat a delicious slice of cold, leftover hawaiian pizza that was sitting in the fridge from N’s ‘going away’/too lazy too cook dinner. But instead, I reheated the leftover roasted veggies & another chicken thigh.  But to help satisfy me, I also added a small baked potato with some fat free sour cream & bacon bits.

If I hadn’t had some awesome friends to talk me through my desire to eat the leftover pizza, my day would not have looked so good!  I think tonight might be a night to see if I can make myself a lower points pizza for dinner to get through the craving. It might also be the night to throw the pizza left overs in the fire!!



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