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Miffed by multiplying marathon madness.

There was a letter to the Editor in the Victoria Times Colonist.


The writer is complaining that there are too many marathons, and that they inconvenience residents too much because they close road and block access to churches.


There are a few things about this article that bother me.


First of all, not all Road Races are marathons.  A MARATHON is 42.2km, or 26.2 miles.

The TC 10K is not a marathon. The Oak Bay Half Marathon is not a marathon.

The ONLY marathon in Victoria is the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, which also has a half marathon, 8K & Kids run. Yes, it happens on Thanksgiving weekend.

Now, the thing this writer seems to forget is that ALL of the races that happen in Victoria, whether it is one of the races listed above, or one of the countless other events that take place in & around Victoria, make an economic impact on the city that is far reaching.

It’s not just the out of town runners who come to the city and spend money on meals, hotels, souvenirs & more.

If we take the upcoming Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon  for example.  Training programs for this race start in June.  Local running stores like Front Runners, Peninsula Runners, Running Room  & Island Runner train hundreds, if not thousands of runners for all the different races that will be run this week, and they don’t do it for free. Runners pay to be trained for these races. Running stores hire local people to train the runners. Then there is the fact that all of those runners need shoes, clothing & nutrition, which also is not free.

What about the money that the organizing committee itself puts in to the city?? Flyers need to be printed, porta-potties & fences need to be rented.  An event like this can’t be put on for free! The thousands of people that run in the various races pay an entry fee. That money doesn’t just go sit in the bank and collect interest. It is spent in the community.

I have to admit that as a runner, sometimes it gets frustrating that a lot of the races in the area start & end on the same stretches of road, but I can’t imagine how much worse it would be if we follow this persons suggestion and run all races at the University.  Ring Road is 1.92kms around. To complete a marathon on ring road, you would have to run around it 22 times. And who exactly is going to sit there and watch each person to make sure they run 22 times, and not 21?


So what if there are a few races, on a few Sundays, in a few different area of town?

Shouldn’t we, as residents be proud that we can put on so many great events that attract so many people from so many places, to our amazing area?

Shouldn’t we be proud to live in a community that is so fit & active that we can support so many events?


Maybe, instead of sitting around complaining about the inconvenience this race is, perhaps people should get off of their asses and head in to town on race day to support the thousands of amazing people who are doing things that the majority of the population will never have the guts or dedication to ever do?




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