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A week of what I eat – Day 7

Day 7!

Wow! I am totally impressed with myself that I made it this far! Today is going to be a tricky one, since it is weigh in day, and I lead a Weight Watchers meeting after work tonight.  On Thursday, everything I eat is done so “on the run”.

By now, you know how the day starts. With a cup of tea at home and one on the drive in.  Yup, a pretty standard morning in that respect.




Old habits die hard, and even though I work for Weight Watchers, I am still very much a Member first.   Thursday is weigh in day, and I have this thing about eating breakfast on weigh in day.   I guess I think that eating a heavy, hearty bowl of oatmeal on Thursday will erase all the hard work of the rest of the week.  Yes, I know it is irrational, but if there is one thing I know, it is that the majority of Weight Watchers members have some kind of weigh in day routine or superstition!  So I don’t feel alone, tell me, what is yours?



Something I love about this picture of my morning coffee, which today is made with  a WW Chocolate smoothie, instead of chocolate milk, is that you can see my “I LOST 5 POUNDS!” bookmark in the background, with my collection of 5lbs stars & Bravo Stickers!   That bookmark has been on my desk for 3 years now, to remind me what I have accomplished!


My Thursday, Roast Beef Sandwich! I wait all week for this sucker.  The place I go knows exactly what I want, and how I like it.   It is worth every single one of the 10pts+ I track for it!





The other thing I wait all week for is this delicious piece of chocolatey, sugary goodness.  A Nanaimo Bar. From the bakery I normally go to. Not a tasteless, cheap, imitation from some other place!  This nanaimo bar was absolutely worth the 6pts+.







Okay, here is where we get in to some serious honesty.  This used to be my weekly treat. And when it was my weekly treat, I didn’t track it. I once calculated the points, and it is worth 9pts+. It is Rice Pudding. It’s an English thing.  Lately, I’ve only been having it once a month… and I still don’t track it.  I don’t know why, I just hate tracking it.  Maybe it’s the ‘uh oh, I’m being naughty’ feeling that comes with eating something without tracking it, I don’t know. The thing is, I DO eat it, and I KNOW it is 9pts+, so I’m not fooling anyone, especially not myself!


On Thursday after work at the day job, I get in the car and head straight across town for work at Weight Watchers. With just 45 minutes between the two jobs, I have to grab something quick, filling and portable.   Enter, beef jerky! only 2pts+ for the package, and it totally holds me over until the end of my meeting.  Throw a banana in there to fill me up, and you have a satisfying, speedy, transportable ‘meal’.




Once I got home from work, I couldn’t resist the urge for another bowl of weetabix, but this time I managed to stick to just 3 biscuits (5pts+) and 1/2 a cup of milk(1pts+), for a total of 6pts+.







So, there you have it, one week of what I eat. All 7 days!

What do you think?? Manageable? Livable? Satisfying?


Does anyone want to send me in the pictures and descriptions from one day of their food, for a guest post in the coming weeks??




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