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Life After Cupcakes!

Well, it was just over a week ago that I announced that I am giving up cupcakes and today was the first day someone actually questioned me on that pledge!

Aisha says:
*cupcake count this week?
Kirsty says:

That’s right, I said ZERO CAKE! Not only did I avoid cupcakes, but I avoided all cake.

And it’s not like there wasn’t temptation. There was a stop at Starbucks on my road trip… and those cupcakes they are carrying lately are amazing!! There was also lunch at this little cafe in Tofino  where the desert case was right inside the door when you walk in with these huge cupcakes staring me in the face… and I didn’t give in. At all.But seriously, why are there cupcakes everywhere these days???

When my birthday finally gets here in November, I want a cup cake birthday cake… okay? so who ever is in charge of my birthday cake this year, just get me one of those ‘cakes’ that is make up of a bunch of cupcakes on a fancy stand!!! I can tell you where to go get it.

I had a great road trip, and I wasn’t too fussy about what I ate, but I did notice myself paying attention to my hunger signals, and making healthier choices where available. There was a  delicious lunch that I would have normally cleaned the plate on, and I only ate half and took the other half home for dinner. I had a pizza for lunch one day too… but then I made dinner that night and we had salad with chicken breast. So all in all, I balanced it out. Hopefully the choices show on the scale next week at weigh in!

I also got out and walked a lot… even in the rain. But the scenery was amazing, so it was great inspiration to get out there and enjoy it.

I wish I had run while I was away, my legs were not happy with me when I went out for a run last night.  But then again, I was running a pretty challenging route in preparation for the half marathon I am running on Sunday.

I have to say, having a race in the near future makes it easy to make healthier choices. Cupcakes aren’t even remotely appealing in the week before a race! Plus, I KNOW that I run better when I have been eating well, and drinking water in the days leading up to the race.  Hopefully, the fact that I, on Tuesday, am going to be starting to train seriously for a personal best half marathon in October, will help me keep things in line over the next few months!

I’m looking forward to summer arriving soon, so that I don’t have any excuses for not running. I can come up with a million excuses not to run in the winter/spring when the weather is bad, but nothing seems to stop me in the summer when it’s nice out. I’m also looking forward to getting back up to Ucluelet when the summer arrives so I can take more amazing pictures like the one you see here.

So, I have a Half Marathon on Sunday, and then that’s it for racing until October. It’s time to buckle down and get serious It’s time to pay attention to my hydration and my nutrition! If I truly want to run my best ever half marathon in October, then I have to put in my best effort!!!

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”

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One Comment

  1. Good for you for avoiding cupcakes! That’s gotta be tough!

    I did something similar, I avoided cake at all the graduation parties I attended last month.

    Go us!

    Good luck with your half! I know you’ll rock it out! 🙂