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A week of what I eat – Day 6

I find it hard to believe that I actually stuck to my plan to blog everything I eat this week!  Only one more day to go!

This post is going up on Thursday, because Wednesday was a ridiculously hectic day & I ran out of time to write and post this. So, here I sit on Thursday morning, whipping it up at the office before the work day starts!

Being that it is Thursday, that means today is weigh in day, so I get to see how all this work paid off this week!

Now, let’s get to Wednesday’s food!


By now I am sure you all know how the day starts.  Cup of tea when I’m getting ready for work. Cup of tea on the drive, and my 7pts+ oatmeal concoction for breakfast!




The teas wasn’t finished yet, but there was coffee! So the tea cup got pushed to the back and the coffee cup took centre stage!  It’s the usual, 4pts+ Mocha.







The morning coffee wasn’t enough, so banana o’clock came with a little 0pts+ caffeinated friend!








You have seen this lunch before this week. It’s my stand by, in the freezer, go to, 4pts+ pasta lunch.








At some point in the afternoon, I realized I have a slight beverage container issue on my desk.   It can end up being quite cluttered by the end of the day!







The afternoon involved a fruit salad for 0pts+…





and there was also a banana o’clock.  (which I almost forgot to take a picture of)





And then there was last night’s post run dinner.   I had this odd craving for a bowl of cereal and cold milk, so I stopped at the store on the way home & picked up some Weetabix & Milk.   I ended up spending a lot of points on this, because I went back for a 4th biscuit.   So it was 4 biscuits (7pts+)  & 3/4 cup of milk(2pts+).





So, that’s day 6… with Thursday being Day 7, that is the end of my quest to blog everything for the week.

What do you think, should I continue for another week?

Please leave your comments below!





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