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A week of what I eat – Day 5

I’m pretty sure by now you all know that my day starts with a cup of tea while I’m getting ready for work, then a cup of tea for the drive to work.  Again, it’s the same morning oatmeal as day one, for 7pts+.







Then it was the cup off coffee that sparked the “Who makes the coffee in your office?” conversation on twitter. My morning “Mocha” for 4pts+.







Banana o’clock arrived right on schedule this morning. I forgot to take my vitamins with breakfast, so there they are at banana o’clock!







I’m a marathon runner who hates water!  Staying hydrated is hard for me.  I will choose coke zero, tea or coffee over water any day. But lately, since I got my Kool FM water bottle, for some reason I am finding it easier to drink my water.  I do use a little Crystal Light to add some flavour to make it bearable to drink!





For lunch today, I had to pop out of the office and buy something because I had been too lazy to go to the grocery store last night!  I headed down the street to a place called the Sandwich Corner. I love this place. The paninis are delicious!  This is their “Philly Steak” Panini. It is on the small side for a panini, but well worth it’s 10pts+.


Yesterday I had a craving for a Nanaimo Bar.  I couldn’t get it out of my head, so I had no chance of resisting when I saw them in the display case at the sandwich shop.  Usually a Nanaimo Bar is well worth the 6pts+ I spend on them, but this one was seriously sub par and I am left feeling let down.  It’s kinda like when you covet a dress on a mannequin in a store window, only to have it look like crap when you try it on. That kind of disappointment!


What a tiny steak tonight. I tracked 3pts+ for it.  The cup pf brocolli was 0pts and the potatoes cost me 5pts! EEK! It has been a high points day.




Tomorrow will be better!

How was your day?





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