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A week of what I eat – day 3

Breakfast on a Sunday consists of the daily oatmeal & a cup of tea. Are you starting to notice a trend here? 7pts. +







The drive down from Shawnigan to Victoria today, to be there by 8:30am for my 19K run, made it an extra tea needed morning, and since I had forgotten both my travel mugs at home, it was a trip to Timmy’s for a steeped tea.  A love 0pts+, if only it was $0!






On average, I earn 1 activity point for every kilometer I run.  So today’s 19K run earned me about 19pts.   That means when I get to the coffee shop after the run, I have plenty of points to indulge in a tummy treat.  Today was a white chocolate mocha, for 6pts+ and a bagel & cream cheese. The bagel was 4pts, it was a small one, and a tbs of cream cheese is 1pt.





When I got back up to the lake, N wanted to go to Home Depot to check some prices on the baseboard trim  and trim for around the doors in the rooms where the painint and renovations are complete. I was getting hungry, so I graabed myself a ‘fried’ egg. Cooked in pam cooking spay, a slice of white toast and a drizzle of ketchup.  2 pts+ for the egg, 0pts for that little ketchup and 2pts+ for the slice of toast.  All in all, it was a tasty quick, lunch on the run.  THere was a cup of tea with it, b  ut it never made it in to the photograph.



I knew the toast & egg wasn’t going to be enough to hold me over until we got back from our errands, so I grabbed a banana and threw it in my purse. Half way through the outing, it was banana o’clock!




Tonight, N got to pick what was for dinner. He makes these pizzas on tortilla shells that are absolutely delicious. He uses plain old 12 inch white tortillas, but while we were out, I picked up some whole weat, 8 inch tortillas.   I made sure we took the time to measure all the ingredients. There was a LOT of cheese that I could cut back on bext time.  There are 2 tortillas at 2pts each, the different cheeses total almost 1 1/2 cups and 8pts(see, I could cut back)!!



Oh my goodness, that looks like a deceptively large amount of coolwhip on tonight’s fruit salad!  It’s really just the angle of the picture, and the size of the bowl. It’s no more coolwhip than I normally have.  0pts+ for the fruits, and 1pt+ for the ymmy cool whip!







Again, as last night, I welcome your comments on how you would track these things.




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