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A week of what I eat – Day 2

As I said yesterday, I’m a creature of habit and every day starts the same way.  The difference is, on Saturday I can’t eat at my desk at the office, so I have to eat breakfast before I leave for Weight Watchers work.

The oatmeal is the same as yesterday, for a total of 7pts, and the cup of tea is 0.


One thing that differs about Saturday, from every other day of the week, meaning I make my weekly stop at Serious Coffee, for my weekly coffee treat, a 6pts+ Mocha.  Yummy!






This afternoon, N & I went out checking out some Open Houses in the Colwood/Langford area to see if we could afford to leave the lake and move closer to civilization. Turns out the answer is no.   Before leaving though, I ate the salad that was left over from last night, but added some mandarine orange segments, and some chicken breast.  The salad was a total of 2pts+. 1pt for the feta, and 1pt for the chicken.  It wasn’t until after I made the salad, that I realized I had no salad dressing in the house!



One of out outings today was to Costco, and it is really hard to resist a Costco Hot Dog!  I had a hard time tracking this one, since the Weight Watchers iThing app lists hotdogs as anywhere from 5-10 points. I found one listed as “fastfood hotdog” and tracked that. It was 7pts+.  The onions & Ketchup were 0.





The rest of the afternoon seemed to fly by. I’m not sure where it went, but suddenly it was dinner time.  Tonight was steak again. I don’t normally eat this much steak,  but N picked up a bulk pack of steak today, and it was the only thing not frozen.  No starch with dinner tonight, because I forgot the potatoes at my house on my way here tonight.   There was a little bit of canola oil involved in the cooking of the onions, so that cost me 1pt. The steak was a little smaller than last night, but I still tracked it at 5pts.


Here is the thing, sometimes it is hard to estimate the points values of what you are eating when you don’t have the ability to weigh and measure at the time you are eating. So, I am curious to know how you would have tracked some of these things today.

Let me know what think!






After posting last’s day of food, I got a craving for a sweet treat, so I made myself a hot chocolate.  It is 3pts+, according to the nutrition data.  The light cool whip added another 1pt+, for a total of 4pts+.

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  1. Mary Ann Hawthorne says:

    I think it’s a scientific fact that a Costco hot dog is impossible to resist. I tend to track high on those–10pts+ I think.