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Best BoyBand FanGirl Weekend EVER!

Hi, my name is Kirsty & I’m an NKOTB fan.

Through my teenage years, my bedroom was absolutely covered with posters. Even on the ceiling, in the closet and on all the doors.   The room that was my bedroom when I was a teenager is now my home office, and even to this day, you can see the holes in the walls & ceiling from the staples I used to put up my posters.

When NKOTB reunited a few years back and announced a new album & a tour, I was like a kid in a candy store. Listening to them again too me back to a time when life was simpler. A time before my dad was diagnosed with, and later died of, cancer.  A time before boyfriends & heart break. A time before working for a living and paying bills. A simpler time.

Back in 2008, when they had a tour stop in Vancouver, I just couldn’t afford the tickets and the trip over to the mainland, even though it was in my birthday week and I really wanted to go.  But then they announced a 2009 stop in Victoria, and I couldn’t resist. I got a couple tickets and got my boyband fangirl on!   Too bad the people sitting behind us at that concert came with the intention of heckling fans and mocking them.  I loved the show… but the asshats sitting behind me made it really hard to really relax and have a good time. I went with my friend Lisa, who wasn’t an NKOTB fan, but she was up for the concert.

Then 2010 came along, and my favourite New Kid, Joey McIntyre released some solo work & did a promo tour.  He made a stop here in Victoria at Kool FM for an interview & meet and greet.  So, after 20 years of ‘loving’ the guy, I headed downtown and stood in a relatively short line, to get my picture taken with ‘the love of my life’.  Yup, we’d make cute babies, don’t you think??

Anyway, at some point in all of this, N came back in to my life, and one day when he was professing his love for me, he told me “I love you SO MUCH, I’d even go to a New Kids concert with you”.  Of course, he thought he was safe saying that, since they weren’t touring at that time.  But, being a girl, I filed that statement away in the back of my mind for use at a later date.

Yup, it came in handy in late 2010, when NKOTB announced a tour with Backstreet Boys.

When a Vancouver show was announced, I simply reminded N of his declaration, but I let him off of the hook on attending the concert.  I just asked for the ticket for Christmas.

Oh my goodness, I had those tickets in my wallet for what seemed like forever, waiting for the day to get here.  I was hearing from all my friends, who were seeing the tour at earlier stops, about how awesome the show was, and it was starting to feel like concert day would never get here.

Finally, this past weekend, the time had arrived!  It was concert weekend!

After WeightWatchers work on Saturday, Jenn & I headed to the ferry to get our fangirl on.  Being a smidge younger than me, Jenn was definitely more interested in the BSB portion of the show, but it was so cute how she did her NKOTB research before the show, so she knew the songs!

After a few detours around Vancouver, including the best dinner ever, at the restaurant Joey, Bentall One. Seriously, if you haven’t tried the crispy mashed potatoes, you don’t know what you are missing! AH-MAY-ZING!

Once we got to the arena, Jenn & I got settled in our seats and got ready for the show. The first opening act was a Canadian Band called Neverest. I’ve heard their music on the radio, and I was really happy to see that they sound the same live as they do recorded.  The second opening act was Matthew Morrison from Glee.  Now, never having seen an episode of Glee, I wasn’t sure what to expect. All in all, I was pleasantly surprised. I especially enjoyed the nerdy white guy in a tux singing Kanye West’s Gold Digger.  It seriously cracked me up!

The view of the stage on Saturday night was great. As far as the ‘nose bleed’ seats go, we had a great view of the stage.  I was actually really pleased with the seats.  And the show was absolutely fabulous!

The only thing was, I was totally distracted, thinking about a single seat that I had been offered at an awesome price for the second show on Sunday night. You can actually see the seat in the picture of the stage.  Once the show started, there was no question, I was going on night 2, even if I had to sleep on my car!

Even though I’m not a BSB fan, I enjoyed their parts of the show too. Both groups are great entertainers!

After getting home after midnight, Jenn & I got our lazy butts up early the next morning for a scenic 16K around Vancouver, then in the afternoon we met up with a friend for cupcakes.  I don’t know what it is with cupcake shops, but they never seem to have mocha cupcakes when I go there, so I had to settle for a chocolate cupcake!

After that, it was back to the arena, to see a girl about a ticket!

Once the ticket was in hand, I had to find a place to park my car overnight, and meet up with the new friends I was crashing with after the show!  We dropped off my overnight bag at the condo, and headed to the arena to do it all over again… but just a little bit differently this time.

Remember how I said that on Saturday night, I could see the seat I was offered for Sunday?? I wasn’t kidding.  Sunday’s ticket was a single seat, on the floor, 5 rows from the stage.  I was in boyband fangirl heaven.  I can not tell you how much I enjoyed the second night of the show. Seeing the performance from that close was a whole different show. The ability to see the expressions on the guys’ faces gave the show a whole other level of entertainment that just wasn’t there the night before.

Now don’t get me wrong. I had an absolute blast on Saturday night. It was so much fun to sing along & dance with Jenn and I would have been perfectly happy if that was the only chance I had to go.  But when the seat for Sunday was offered, there was no way I could really say no.

Honestly, Sunday’s seat was the best seat I have ever had for a concert in my life.  I mean, other than at the meet & greet, I’ve never been this close to my imaginary boyfriend! And it wasn’t just Joey, all 9 guys were right there, just feet away.  I think my favourite part about night 2 was seeing how much fun the guys have performing for their fans.

The downside is, now I’m not sure I could ever buy a ticket in the nosebleeds again!


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