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Wrapping it all up & putting a bow on it.

So I think it’s time to wrap up two topics I’ve written about lately.

First of all, let’s talk about my friend Darth Fiddler.

Things aren’t entirely wrapped up with him, unfortunately I have yet to hear of anyone being arrested of charged in his assault.   There are links to video and pictures of his suspected attackers on his Facebook page.  Please, go take a look and see if you recognize the people who did this.

The good news though, is that Randy is back out on the streets of Victoria, performing for the locals & tourists again.

This past Saturday, after attending a birthday party, I went for a walk down to see him with a couple of friends.   It was so great to see him back out there, being lively again.  He was clearly feeling much better than he was the day I saw him at Larsen Music when he was receiving his violin. He was so full of energy, and attracting a great crowd.  You can tell that he really does enjoy being out there entertaining.  If only we were all lucky enough to enjoy what we do for a living that much!

So, whether you live here, or are just coming for a visit, I really suggest you head on down to the corner of Government & Wharf Streets, right across from the Visitor Info Centre, check him out, and leave a little something in his ‘hat’.


Now, how about that whole being “broken” situation?

Turns out I’m not broken. All the x-rays and CT scan results came back ‘normal’. There doesn’t appear to be anything wrong with the bones, or soft tissues of my foot.

That clearly doesn’t explain the swelling and pain on the outside of my foot when I run though.

So, after hearing the news, and taking one more week off of running, I returned to the gym last week and went for a 25 minute run on the treadmill.  It didn’t feel fabulous, but it didn’t hurt that badly either, so I figured it was time to suck it up and head out on the streets again. It was time to commit to marathon training again.

Sunday morning, I got up bright and early and headed downtown to meet my training clinic at Running Room for a short little 15K run.

Eek! I’m not sure a 15K run as my first run back from 3 weeks off was a good idea!  I went out too fast, but amazingly managed to pretty much keep up with the ‘fast’ people for the entire run. They only got out of my sight when they picked up the pace for the last 1500m.

While I was out there, I really made a point of paying attention to my feet, how they were working, what was hurting, and what I was doing when they were hurting.

What I noticed was that I was really rolling out on to the outside of my foot, instead of transitioning smoothly over the ball of my foot, especially on the uphill & downhill sections of the run.

So what does this tell me?

Well, it tells me that I’ve been wearing the wrong shoes.

I have been noticing changes in my feet since just before the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1st.  My running shoes weren’t feeling right, and my everyday shoes were all feeling too tight, or too small, or just not right.  Now, after Sunday’s run, I was certain my feet had changed.

So, it was time to go shopping for new running shoes.

I headed in to the Running Room yesterday on my lunch break and asked them to fit me for shoes as if they had never seen me before. I wanted them to start from scratch, like I was some stranger walking in off of the street, and go through the entire shoe fitting process with me again.  So I slipped out of my work shoes and walked around the store barefoot while they examined my feet.  Yup, turns out I was totally in the wrong shoes.  The ones I was running in had way too much support for me.

Now I am back in lovely Asics shoes, the Gel Cumulus 12 to be exact.

They feel so much lighter than what I was been wearing so far this year, and there is nothing better than that fresh, new bouncy feeling of a new pair of runners. So, tonight I take them to the gym to give them a go on the treadmill, just make completely sure that they are the right shoe for me.

So let’s hope these suckers solve the problem so I can hit the pavement on Sunday for a nice 16K run!

Watch out  Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, here I come!



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  1. Good to see that your foot is all right and you are back to running.

    This works you well for me as I think that each person in the world is responsible to run a certain distance in their life. I am not a fan of running so the insane amount of running you do makes up for the lack of running that I do. The “Running Balance” has been restored. Thanks.