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You never know where your day will lead you…

And let me tell you, when I woke up this morning, I had no idea my day would take me where it did.

I woke up feeling pretty miserable this morning after that devastating Canucks game last night and a round of the Bachelorette drinking game with @jonesee90 last night.

When I got to work, my heart was hardly in it & my mind was barely functioning. I was slowly working my way through my morning coffee when a twitter converasation between @lacouvee & @vicpdcanada caught my eye.


Darth Fiddler at work.

The basic gist of the conversation was that a local street performer know as Darth Fiddler had been assaulted and his violin had been damaged beyond repair.   Darth Fiddler, is a fixture on the streets of downtown Victoria in the summer and his violin is his only means of making a living.

The first thought that came to mind was: Okay, we need to fundraise to buy him a new violin.

But sheesh, I have no idea how much a violin costs, so I picked up the phone.

I called Larsen Music. They are a locally owned & operated, and huge supporters of the community.

I asked my contact at Larsen Music if they had a violin they could ‘donate’ to the cause and to let me know how much I needed to fundraise to pay for it, or if they were willing to donate it ouright.

It was probably less than half an hour later when I got the call saying that not only did they have a violin for him, but they were willing to donate it to him!

Well, one thing lead to another, and the next thing you know I’m at the Larsen store being interviewed by @ANewsAndrew about the story! You can see the Darth Fiddler story on A News here.

Today has been a whirlwind of a day and I am going to have a lot of work to catch up on when I get to the office tomorrow,  but if you ask me, it was entirely worth it.

I am happy to report that Darth Fiddler is fine.  A little shaken up by the experience, but he is fine and will be back entertaining tourists and residents alike in no time! But what I really want you to know is that there is rumoured to be a video of his assault out there. From what I understand, 3 people stood across the street filming the assault, while a fourth one actually commited the assault.

We are hoping to get word out about the viedo exists so that people can keep their eyes out online, incase these morons end up sharing it to get some ‘glory’.


I really want to thank the entire #yyj twitter community for the support today! It has been an overhwelming day with an amazing happy ending!

I also want to thank Larsen Music. None of this would be possible without them! All I did was make a phone call, they came through with the violin!

What an amazing day!  Thank you all!

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  1. That is indeed a great story. I’ll be including it in this week’s edition of The Sunday Evening Post so that more local #yyj lovers can not only be inspired by the heart and soul of this story but so that hopefully some semblance of justice (and or public scorn) can be vetted against such heartless offenders.

    The good guys and girls always win. Thanks for sharing the details.

  2. Donna says:

    Very nice, Kirsty.