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Ever since I ran the BMO Vancouver Marathon I have had this annoying little swollen lump on the side of my right foot, at the base of my baby toe.

It can be a little painful after a run, but really hasn’t been that bothersome. The swelling tends to go down in a couple days after the run, and it only really bothers me when it is poked and prodded at. You know, poked & prodded, like a doctor would do if I went to have it looked at.  But I honestly didn’t think it needed medical attention, it was just a little irritated after running a marathon.

It never really bothered me in the 2 weeks after the marathon when I was focusing on cycling to avoid the pavement pounding impact of running and to get ready for the Tour de Victoria.

It didn’t really bother me when I ran the Oak Bay Half, but then that could have been because my feet were absolutely numb from the rain that day.  I can’t really say. I just don’t remember it bothering me.  Between Vancouver & Oak Bay, I only managed to squeeze in one 6K run, just to make sure my legs remembered what they were doing, and as far as I recall, it didn’t bother me that day either.

Well, then came this past weekend.  The Fort Rodd Hill Historic Half Marathon.

Hindsight is telling me that I probably shouldn’t have run that sucker. I mean, I remember how terrible I felt last year, and that was a shortened course due to a fire along the route!  But it was my anniversary of meeting Bri, so I couldn’t possibly stand her up, right? That just wouldn’t be nice.

So what if I hadn’t run a single kilometer in the 3 weeks since Oak Bay, that doesn’t matter. I’m fit. I’ve been cycling. Heck, I rode 90km just 8 days before Fort Rodd Hill.  No big deal.

Yeah, no big deal.

I swear, this half marathon needs to be marketed as “Vancouver Islands Toughest Half Marathon”.  Right out of the start, you pretty much run up hill non-stop until you reach the 7K mark, then you get a little bit of flat ground before you start down a bone jarring down hill stretch for a kilometer. After that it’s flat for 2K, then you start up hill & do it all over again.

Right off of the start line I was regretting my decision to run the race. My quads felt like blocks of cement as we made our way out of Fort Rodd Hill.  But I sucked it up and kept thinking about the medal at the end of the race. (Even if it was a ‘recycled’ medal that had the name of 2 different events in the ‘Historic’ series on it.)  I am still a sucker for the race bling!

It was o the first loop around the course that my foot started to bother me.  I’ve never felt it during a run before, just after, so this was cause for concern. When I started down the ‘bone jarring’ hill I mentioned earlier, I really started to question my decision to run and put some serious consideration in to quitting after one loop and getting a medal for the ‘just over half a half’ race.

When I got half way up the hill on the second loop and I was at the point where I would have to turn off to the finish line, I just couldn’t do it. I set out that day to run a half marathon and that was what I was going to do.

So off I went, the rest of the way up the hill, trying to put the irritating foot out of my mind.

I was relatively successful until I reach the ‘bone jarring down hill’ stretch.  My foot was so on fire I couldn’t even let go and enjoy the pull of gravity down the hill. I cringed with every impact of my right foot on the pavement.

By this time, all I wanted to do was finish, get my medal & go get my foot looked at.

So that’s what I did.  I finished the race, got my medal, chatted with a couple people at the finish line and made the long climb back up to the parking lot.  When I got home I didn’t even shower off the sweat, I just washed down with a cloth, put on some fresh clothes and headed to the walk in clinic.

After a long wait, it was my turn to see the doctor and she said the words I Had been dreading. “You may have a stress fracture”.

Well crap on a cracker, this is not cool. Training for the GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon starts this week!!

Since it was a Sunday, I couldn’t get an x-ray, so I had to go home with no answers and come back the next day.

Turns out the x-ray is inconclusive, which they often are for stress fractures, and so I have to go for a CT Scan tonight, after the Canucks game of course.

So that is all for now. All running is on hold. Until further notice I am only allowed to participate in non-impact exercise.

I guess that means back to the gym for me. Good timing too, since I need to explore some of my gym’s offerings for an upcoming blog post!



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  1. Lorie says:

    So what was the outcome? Is it broken? I have the same problem with my right foot. Hurts like hell. They concluded that it was arthritis.

    what does your tattoo say??

    1. iamthenewme says:

      I’m just about to write a blog post bringing everyone up to day on the last week…

      As for the tattoo… it says “One Step At A Time 42.2”