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I’ve been so lazy lately.

At least that’s what I was telling myself last Wednesday when I skipped Run Club to help a friend with something.

I haven’t been to the gym since before the BMO Vancouver Marathon on May 1st and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed all but one Run Club since then too!  May has been such a lazy month for me.

I keep having to remind myself of 2 things:

First, I tell myself that after a big even like running a marathon  my body needs time to rest & heal.

Second, I tell myself that it is ludicrous to consider a month in which I ran the BMO Vancouver Marathon and the Oak Bay Half, as well as riding the 90km route in Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour De Victoria to be a ‘lazy’ month.

The thing is, I am so used to being a routine. I am so used to running on certain days of the week and going to the gym on other days, that my brain didn’t seem to register all the cycling I was doing as “exercise”.  I was trying to maintain my regular work out schedule, but I was replacing everything I usually do with cycling to get myself ready for the Tour.

And speaking of Ryder Hesjedal’s Tour De Victoria, what an amazing experience.

When we started 2011 I hadn’t been on a bike in over 20 years, as I told you back in March, but now I sit here today with hundreds of kilometers logged on a bike, 90 of those in the Tour de Victoria.

In the days leading up to the event, I was a nervous wreck. It all very much reminded me of the days leading up to my first marathon. My mind was full of what ifs.  What if I was late to the start line? What if I got a flat tire? What if I got in a crash? What if I CAUSED a crash? What if I was too slow? What if I didn’t finish? What if I injured myself?

Checking the air in the tires.

I made plans to meet up with a group of fellow riders on the morning of the race.  We all got to the start line together, and then that was pretty much the last we saw of each other.

The start made me the most nervous. I was unable to arrange a group ride in the weeks leading up to the Tour, so I had no experience riding in a pack.  Once we got out on the route, I was calm, and everything was relatively uneventful.   I screwed up a gear change on a hill in the first 15K and had to stop completely and sort that out, but other than that, it was all good.  I stopped at all the feed stations and had more than my fair share of the bananas they were providing.  For the rest of the ride, I refused to get off of the bike on hills, and just rode up them all, no matter how much I wanted to quit.  About an hour of the ride was done in the rain. That sucked. I was dressed for the 60% of the weather forecast that said no rain, not the 40% chance of rain!

Most of the course is a giant blur of roads and hills and various spandex-clad asses.  There are a few moments that stand out to me though. The speed at which the lead pack of the 140km route passed us at was astounding, and the way they were riding so close together without a single incident. It was something to see.

Don't I look happy it's over?

I also want to take the time to mention Chris. I think that was his name. We rode through the rain together along West Saanich Road.  He was good company & conversation.  I also want to mention Jill. Jill is an instructor at Goodlife Fitness over in Burnaby, and just like me, she only took up cycling in 2011. She kept me company for a while after we turned south and started heading back to the city.  Now, if either Chris or Jill are reading this, and I got their names wrong, I apologize. I am bad with names on a good day, and therefore, remembering the names of two people I met in the middle of a 90km bike ride during the sections where we were riding in the rain is highly unlikely, but I did my best to try to remember!

All in all, the Tour de Victoria was a great experience, and I am glad I stuck my proverbial ‘foot in my mouth’ earlier this year & signed up!  My main problem now is the fact that the loaner bike has gone home & I need to start looking in to getting one of my own!

So what’s next??  Well, now it’s time to return to the gym & start trying out some of the great classes offered at Goodlife Fitness, including Hit to Fit, to get ready for an upcoming post on the Goodlife Fitness Blog.  Then it’s time to start training for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon!

So stay tuned for more! It’s bound to be a busy summer!




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  1. Nikki2987 says:

    Awesome post Kirsty! You are most definitely NOT lazy! 🙂

  2. Jon Suk says:

    Thumbs up and high five!