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Favourite Things – March 24th

On March 1st I challenged the people who read this blog to tweet their favourite thing about the day, every day in March.

Today is another record number of favourites!

Here are your favourite things from March 24th :


@KirstySheldon: My favourite thing about yesterday was #yyjtwestival.


@psbdelegation: fav thing yesterday was #yyjtwestival – our community is full of fun/caring/supportive tweeps


@maryahawthorne:  My favorite part of the day (Thursday) was going to, and helping out a friend at a fundraiser.


@kjfrazer: My favorite thing today – Had a great time tonight seeing friends and meeting new faces! #yyjtwestival


@SeanLarge: a trainer at the gym commented on my poor energy level and then promptly destroyed me for 50mins on the #bosu


@Rod_Phillips:  positive turn in my energy level and an effective meeting of the Amalgamation Project.


@QuenchWines: my fave: the wiggle-bum happy dance greeting my dog gave me when I finally arrived home from Nanaimo.


@lacouvee: My fave thing from yesterday has to be Twestival Victoria @yyjtwestival & the AMAZING social media community we have in #yyj


@rob_monty:  Having a rare dinner at Swiss Chalet. Mmm it’s tasty lol


@Nikki2987: Fav thing from yesterday was eating NoodleBox for dinner and finishing a fun #MusicFriday!


@LindsayRoseHeal: finally getting a quiet evening alone with my man. It’s been way too long! Much needed ‘Us Time’!


@kristygarry: my favourite thing about yesterday was all the fun people I met at #yyjtwestival!


@280to10k: having a relaxing night in with the wife


@victriviaqueen: My favourite thing for Thursday was getting out of the house for some much needed fresh air.


@jerees: Seeing multiple people achieve short-term milestones yesterday.


@Ceara_K1073: Favorite thing today was bath time. I love how something so simple is so thoroughly enjoyable


@holliebarnes: Fave thing from yesterday was:having super cooperative kids who let their sick Mommy & Daddy rest all day. My kids ROCK!



@klancashire: Listening to one of my best friends share the happiest news she’s had for months 🙂


@kwolski: Favorite part of the day was getting home in time to read “Little Miss Scatterbrain” & “Little Miss Helpful” to my 3yr old.


@coffeecrew: Dinner at Cafe Brio with the most beautiful woman on the Planet…


@redshikari: favorite thing about yesterday: feeling like I looked like a million bucks


@jonesee90: Favourite thing yesterday was the endorphin rush after my strength work out and run



What was your favourite thing about yesterday?


<3 K.

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