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Wearing Skinny People’s Clothes.

They say that it takes your mind a long time to catch up with your body when you lose a significant amount of weight.

I’m not exactly sure who “they” are, but I think “they” are right.


I reached my goal weight in May of 2008, that’s almost 3 years ago, yet sometimes, I still don’t see myself as “skinny”.

I can go in to a store and know that I need size X, but when I look at it on the hanger, it still seems too small.

The times when I really notice that my brain hasn’t caught up with my body are on days like today.

You see, I needed something to wear tonight that made me feel good, and feel confident, and I just couldn’t find that ‘something’ in my closet.  Now I don’t expect any men reading this to understand, but I know my ladies get it.  Sometimes, you need just the right outfit, for a specific occasion, to make yourself feel good.

In a total fluke of luck yesterday, I ran in to a friend walking down town at lunch. I was telling her about my predicament. We shopped for a little, but didn’t find anything that was just right. So later last night, she texted me asking if I had found anything.   I told her that I hadn’t had any luck, so she offered to bring me a few items from her closet to work today so I could pick.

So, on my lunch break I wandered off to her office to pick up the bag of clothes. She showed me all the selections and sent me on my way back to my office to try them on.

Well, when I got back to the office, I wandered down the hall to try them on, thinking “I’ll never fit these, these are skinny people’s clothes”.

As it turns out, I am currently sitting here, wearing skinny people’s clothes.  And I love the dress, it’s totally something I would never have picked out myself!


So, I wonder when my brain will catch up with my body & realize that I am ‘skinny people’ and I can wear thier clothes??


<3 K.



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  1. Cheryl says:

    It’s interesting because we see the opposite end of the scale all the time — people who have gained weight but don’t want to let go of their smaller sized clothes. It makes sense that it works the other way too. One of my friends recently had to go shopping and was ridiculously excited because there was now “not a single X in my wardrobe.” Quite an accomplishment after years of XL and XXL.

  2. Lenka says:

    What are friends for, right? You skinny You!!! xoxo, L. PS: The black or the grey one?

  3. SuzRocks says:

    That’s awesome! Believe me, it’s much better to go that way, than the other way (ie. you get bigger and think you can still fit into your skinny clothes, when in reality you need bigger clothes)

    From experience, I know this. 🙂