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Favourite Things – March 23rd.

On March 1st I challenged the people who read this blog to tweet their favourite thing about the day, every day in March.

I love the fact that we are getting more & more favourites every day!

We’re almost at the end of the month, do you think we can keep this up in to April?

Here are your favourite things from March 23rd :


@KirstySheldon: My favourite thing about today was calling my mom & saying “Hey, wanna go to Bon Jovi w/ me on your 60th birthday?’ thx to @westcoast_dave


@psbdelegation: Finding nothing to wear in my closet – everything’s too BIG ­čÖé


@maryahawthorne:  My favorite part of today was getting my hair cut for the first time in at least 6 months.


@kjfrazer: My favorite thing today – going to 1st ever #cowichan tweetup and meeting fantastic people! #dailypositives


@SeanLarge: fav thing of the day hands down…20km 1:37:58


@Rod_Phillips:  Spring sheets on the bed. Just feels more like the season with the flannels gone.


@QuenchWines: fave today: sausage roll from Italian Bakery.


@lacouvee: working on my blog with @fransjonker. Going to be awesome. Favourite thing.


@rob_monty:  Today, my favorite thing was enjoying the sunshine while I was exploring Victoria


@Nikki2987: My favourite part is sitting next to my man, sharing a meal. ­čÖé


@LindsayRoseHeal: giving myself ‘ME TIME’ by receiving a massage! aaahhhhhh


@kristygarry: yes! Birds chirping in the morning and how amazingly sunny the day was. Plus I did a very fun photo shoot with Al Smith


@280to10k: Fav thing of day was email grandpa in Germany pics of soon to be occupied nursery.


@rainbow_goddess: My favourite thing about yesterday was having kitty-cuddle time.


@iruninvic: thing for Tuesday was having an awesome trail run with no foot pain!


@dewolfe001: Sun + some shed roofing + living through it


@victriviaqueen: Fave thing for Weds was going back to bed and sleeping in until 10:30. Clearly what my body needed!


What was your favourite thing about yesterday?


<3 K.

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