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Favourite Things – March 22nd

On March 1st I challenged the people who read this blog to tweet their favourite thing about the day, every day in March.

I love the fact that we are getting more & more favourites every day!

Here are your favourite things from March 21st :


@KirstySheldon: As much as I love being active & working out regularly, I have to say my favourite thing about today was a quiet, relaxing evening at home.


@psbdelegation: Fav thing today: finding out the vegetarian springrolls for dinner were only 2 pts for all 3 #weightwatchers


@maryahawthorne:  My favorite part of today was a very tough workout this morning.


@kjfrazer: My favorite thing from Tues – having my weekly skype date with my best friend! Always great to catch up!


@SeanLarge: fav thing from yesterday was knowing my lil’ bro is 1 day closer to being back home


@foodiemcbody:  today’s favorite thing was dreading work and then going in and actually really enjoying it. (I’m not talking about WW)


@babymommaruns: fave part of today was catching up with an old & dear friend — on a run.


@Rod_Phillips:  watching re-runs of West Wing Season 4 last night


@Ceara_K1073: my favorite thing about today was realizing my health is finally getting back on track. Thx to traditional Chinese medicine.


@QuenchWines: The impromptu communal dinner with awesome mac’n’cheese & bulgher greek salad with friends & neighbours


@lacouvee: my 20 k bike ride last night along the waterfront w. @fransjonker. Spring is here.


@rob_monty:  My fav thing today was dominating the hill climbs on a stationary bike today!!! Ouch! 😛


@jerees: being able to run almost 7.5 miles without having done more than 4 or 5 since 2010.


@Nikki2987: Favourite thing was definitely hanging out with my parents and snuggling with my dog.


@holliebarnes: winning 3 of 4 volleyball games and playing pretty well. We were on fire!


@FrogstarWorldB: favourite thing was looking in my lunch that Chris made and finding a baggie of pickles! 😀


@LindsayRoseHeal: Favourite thing today: FINALLY finding my beautiful buddha statue after searching for 6 years. I found ‘The One’


@kristygarry: my favourite thing today was having extra time at lunch to go for a walk in the sun & into a garden shop to look at orchids


@280to10k: my fav thing is doing a pb distance (6.4k) even with Wale rd in the middle.




What was your favourite thing about yesterday?


<3 K.


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