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Favourite Things – March 21st.

On March 1st I challenged the people who read this blog to tweet their favourite thing about the day, every day in March.

I love the fact that we are getting more & more favourites every day!

Here are your favourite things from March 21st :


@KirstySheldon: My favourite thing about today was realizing that setting a PB when I wasn’t really trying just shows now far I have come!


@jagamer: My fave part about today was the thank you card my co-workers daughter gave to me for looking after her pets while they were away


@psbdelegation: fav thing yesterday was gigglefest w the lil k over something neither of us remembers now ūüôā


@maryahawthorne:  My favorite part of today was watching the premiere of Dancing with the Stars.


@kjfrazer: My favorite thing today – being goofy and laughing with a friend. #nothingbetter


@SeanLarge: 21.1km 1:47:58


@foodiemcbody:  yesterday my fave thing was doing yoga with @ALLTHEWEIGH over Skype!!!!


@babymommaruns: my favorite part of today was when my son said “I love you” to me for the first time.


@Rod_Phillips:  best thing about today: the prospect of closing my eyes in about 1 hour.


@Ceara_K1073: Best thing about today was cruisin out for #gf lunch with one of the gals from work. Mmmmm food


@QuenchWines: fave was leaving the house without a jacket, and not even needing it!!!


@lacouvee: down time with @fransjonker – it was a hectic weekend for both of us. This was catch up.


@FawnBeckwith: My favorite thing today was seeing a community rally their support. All over the city. For Japan, for a local little boy..


@PearlBriteYYJ:  Fav thing was discovering how great I felt after a morning workout compared to all the afternoon ones!


@rob_monty:  Sorry about missing the weekend! Again, Congrats to you! My fav thing today was surprising my girlfriend with dinner!


@victriviaqueen: favourite thing today was finishing off a new garden bed for vegetables to be.


@iruninvic: Fave thing about today was receiving an encouraging and supportive telephone call from a much admired colleague!


@jerees: spending time with my wife – like the whole evening – for the first time in months.


@Nikki2987: Favourite part of the day was all the snuggles I got tonight. #happysigh


@holliebarnes: bubble bath with my kids. We used the bubbles to turn us into Santa Claus – the kids loved it – hilarious!


@FrogstarWorldB: going to the Keg reopening event with Chris!


@LindsayRoseHeal: my favourite: playing old fashion card games with my family!


What was your favourite thing about yesterday?


<3 K.

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