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Favourite Things – March 17

On March 1st I challenged the people who read this blog to tweet their favourite thing about the day, every day in March.

We’ve made it over half way through the month!

I can’t tell you how amazing reading all your favourite things has made me feel every day!


Here are your favourite things from March 16th:


@KirstySheldon: My very favourite thing about today was getting a hug from @jonesee90.


@jonesee90: that was my favourite part of today too 🙂


@jagamer: My favourite thing about today was my dad telling me he was really going to miss seeing me every day. He hasn’t said a thing about my move.


@psbdelegation:My favourite thing today was finally having a decision made & being comfortable with it


@maryahawthorne:  My favorite part of today was dinner with a good friend.


@kjfrazer: My favorite thing today-being thankful for my health, my family, my friends, food, clothing, and shelter. #dailypositives


@SeanLarge: seeing that the #Gutbuster Trail series registration opened up!!!


@rob_monty: Getting together with friends for dinner


@babymommaruns: my favorite part of today was getting some much-needed retail therapy 😉


@PearlBriteYYJ: Awesome. Fav for me was how my husband sent me to bed with my cold & he took care of everything. Then today he’s sick, my turn!


@jerees:  Letting someone who thought they had a rough week on the scale know they lost 6+ lbs this week.


@foodiemcbody: my absolutely FAVOURITE thing was running into my awesome trainer while I was working out in the cemetery 🙂


@Rod_Phillips: best thing about the day was the greeting I got from Chloe when I got home. I never grow tired of it. smiles inside!


@lacouvee: my favourite thing today was selling over 40 Twestival Victoria tix in less than 24 hours.


@Ceara_K1073: my favorite thing about today was coming home after a whirlwind day to dinner made by my man #spoiled


@frogstartworldb: my favourite thing was reading all day with intermittent phone calls from Chris. 🙂


@holliebarnes: Fave part of today was celebrating St Patricks Day with my kids & seeing their face when I served lunch http://t.co/Y0Ze6mO


@FawnBeckwith: My favourite thing about today was making it through my run. So glad I’m fit enough to do 8k+


@victriviaqueen: my favourite thing was my daughter telling me she loved Mom-time in the mornings.


@PearlBriteYYJ: favs yesterday; finished project & getting to the gym!


@JonSuk: Figuring out how to brew a decent cafe con leche in a hotel room coffee maker! And taking a sip. #win

@skatezoid: Moment where I realized, no matter how things go—I was exactly where I needed to be. Not thinking about someplace else.



What was your favourite thing about today?

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