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My thoughts are so very much with the City of Boston, the runners of the Boston Marathon, and the families of those injured and lost.


Yesterday was a hard day as a runner.

To see the finish line, a place that should be filled with such joy and pride, turned in to a place of devastation and fear.


My first thoughts when I heard of the explosions was of all the people I knew personally who were running. Thankfully they are all safe and sound.

My second thought was absolute shock at the images I was seeing.  Blood stained sidewalks, the finish line torn apart.


I just can’t imagine.

The Boston marathon isn’t just a day!  The Boston Marathon is the culmination of months and years of training.

I just can’t imagine what it must be like for those who have dreamed for years of being there, and then having this happen.


It kills me that this was ‘aimed’ at spectators.

Spectators make the race. Having loved ones at the finish line to call your name as you complete the event has more meaning than most people know.

To target these innocent people, it kills me.

An entire family was torn apart. An 8 year old boy died, his sister lost limbs, and his mother is in serious condition, all because they wanted to support his dad and see him cross the finish line.


Yes. This is a lot of random thoughts spouting out of me right now. My brain has been filled with randomness since it all happened.


I want to also acknowledge the thousands of runners that started the race, but never got to the finish line. They were stopped with less than a mile to go.  They dreamed of this day, of crossing the Boston Marathon finish line for years, and someone took that away from them.


Last night I ran. The calendar had a rest day scheduled, but I couldn’t not run. I needed to run.  This attack hit home. I needed to run!


My thoughts are with everyone impacted by this event, but I can tell you one thing for certain, this will not stop me from running, this will not stop me from racing. If anything this fuels my fire and makes me want to run & race harder and stronger.



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