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“There was once a point in my life where I weighed over 300lbs.”

That was the opening line of my friend Nikki’s blog post yesterday, a blog post she titled “A Hard Thing For Me To Admit”.

I cannot tell you how totally proud I am of her for putting those words out there, for saying it “out loud”.  But even more so, I am amazingly proud of her for having the determination and strength to do this ‘on her own’.

I’m not going to copy the entire thing over here, you can click the blog title above and go on over there to read it all for yourself. What I want to share with you guys is something that really stuck out for me in her post, something that I think everyone trying to lose weight needs to understand.

20130118-125511.jpgNikki wrote: “Something happened in August. Honestly, I have NO IDEA what it was. Some weird awakening that something needed to change and that I COULD ACTUALLY DO THIS.”

Those are the key words “I could actually do this”, and I think everyone who is on a journey to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle needs to have that moment, that realization! Everyone needs to know that they CAN do this, they can make it a reality!


I remember the moment I had my realization. It wasn’t before I started my journey, it was half way through.   Before I joined WeightWatchers I knew I NEEDED to do this, but I never actually thought I could.   It wasn’t until one random Tuesday, somewhere in the middle of my journey that I realized I could do it.

I had gone to my WeightWatchers meeting and stepped on the scale, only to see disappointing results.  Sure, I’d lost weight that week, but it wasn’t as much as I hoped.  Well, Charlotte, the lady behind the scale said something to me, I don’t remember what, but I remember my reply. I said to her “I don’t know, this is really hard, I don’t think I can do it” and she looked me straight in the face and said “enough of that, you CAN do it, and you ARE GOING to do it”. I said, “okay”, stepped off of the scale, and took my seat in the meeting room, thinking to myself “well, if she thinks I can do it, why don’t I think I can do it? Hmm, I guess I CAN do it.”


So tell me this, have you had your moment yet?  If so, what was it? What made you realize you can ‘actually do this’?



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