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Let’s get serious!

Let’s get serious for a minute here!


I am willing to bet that the majority of us got a little too ‘festive’ over the holidays!

The temptation was out of control, and in my case I have to admit that it was self inflicted!

I got this smart idea to try baking for Christmas!  Yup, I filled my house with all the things that tempt me, with the intention of gifting it all to others!  Well, to make a long story short, I ended up having to toss most of it in the garbage because the temptation was too much and the craziness of the holidays made finding time to see the people it was for near impossible!

Add to that the number of social gatherings, fun outings and extra Weight Watchers meetings I worked through December & the Holidays, and my exercise routine went out the window too. Now I’m happy to day that I did better than last December, but it still wasn’t as good as it could have been!


So now January is here, and it’s back to my first normal week of the year.  Back to my normal work routine, my normal running routine and my normal social routine.

It’s also time for the start of the Island Race Series.  This is a series of 8 races of varying distances, every second weekend from January to April.  I always use the race series to get my butt back in to gear and get refocused on my running goals.  There’s nothing like running against the clock every second weekend to push you to train harder!

Another great thing about the race series, and my desire to perform well, is the fact that it is the perfect motivation to get my eating back in order!

2013-01-06 14.30.40Yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon cooking!

WeightWatchers 0pts+ Soup,  12 servings of it.  Plus 10 homemade frozen meals to have on hand for my lunches this week!

Lately I’ve had this nasty habit of eating out, and letting perfectly good food at home go to waste,  so yesterday I cooked up every vegetable I had in the house, and a bunch of chicken breasts, and packaged them up in to ready to go meals!

I also opened a few cans of fruit, drained off the juices and made single serving fruit snack packs!

My fridge and freezer are FULL of healthy options and I have NO EXCUSES not to get it right this week!


Today I filled my bag with 3 different half cup servings of fruit, 2 bananas, a 1/4 cup of vanilla greek yogurt, my usual (7pts+) oatmeal breakfast concoction, and a lunch of stirfy veggies & beef!  Including my morning coffee, that means I have 17 points worth of food with me at work today, leaving me 9 points for my evening meal & snacks!

I think this is a good start to the week, and a good start to getting back on track after a holiday season full of temptation!


How are you getting back on track after the most fattening time of year??


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  1. Evette says:

    GREAT start to the year! I’m thinking I should do a race or two before the half in May that I intend on training for…Thanks for the link!