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Guest Post – Christina – Watching the Weight.

“Watching the Weight.”

That was the whole point, wasn’t it? I mean, as someone generally unfamiliar with Weight Watchers, I could at least know what to expect given the name of the game. I knew what my ‘why’ and ‘what’ was, and I was ready to learn the ‘how’.

September 28th was the first time I entered the meeting room. It was a brisk Saturday morning, which meant pealing off the layers I had bundled myself up with, trying not to tip the scale against my favour. Slowly, I unveiled what was underneath, which to tell you the truth I hadn’t been very proud of as of late.

I was nervous – I’ll be the first to admit. All I could think about was the number that represented who I was that day. I had an idea of how much I weighed at the time, but I knew that the late serving of waffles I had consumed in the wee hours of that morning would be haunting me.

I ripped off the band-aid, gasped a little, and waited for the attendant to give me back my card, clearly labelled with my current weight. I bundled myself up, swallowed my pity and sat down in the crowd. I was wide-eyed and ready to get my head back in the game. The number was higher than I expected – not by much – but still enough that I realized quite abruptly that I needed to smarten up and take control again.

It really helped to have my roommate (let’s call her ‘A’) along with me. As I previously mentioned in a former post, ‘A’ had participated in Weight Watchers before and was really great about teaching me tips and tricks that would inevitably help me to succeed. I was grateful for that. That, along with a strong support network, a positive leader, and an optimistic outlook, was exactly what I needed.

That was September 28th. Today is December 16th and I am happy to share that today, 9lbs are gone. It was those 9lbs that had gotten me down before, and my outlook is better than ever. I will continue to press forward and I feel like I have a strong footing to get me closer to my next goals and milestones.

It hasn’t been easy, but it has been a fun, challenging experience. I’ve held myself accountable in so many ways and learned how I can succeed without depriving myself of those things that I really enjoy. I’m building new routines and habits – some old that needed some dusting off, and others are completely new to me. I think that’s what the meetings are best for. When you get the opportunity to hear from other members who have their own little secrets to success, you gain so many different perspectives. I love those moments when you say “Yeah… that is such a great idea!” and you can turn around and try implementing that strategy in your very own day-to-day.

This also makes me love the new focus on Weight Watchers 360 – teaching more about the ‘how to live’ versus ‘what to eat’. It’s like that saying about how we should teach man to fish, instead of giving him a single fish. It’s those routines and lessons that we learn that will give us long-term success.

Well said, Confucius.


Next time I’ll take more about my routines and how I’ve found success as a Weight Watchers member.

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