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Guest Post – Inching towards ‘onederland’.

Recently, with the impending launch of WeightWatchers 360°, I thought it would be fun to look at the Program through the eyes of a member.  I thought it would be interesting to see how they work the program, and how the transition to 360° impacts them.

I asked 2 members to help me, 2 members of different generations, 2 members with different life experiences and points of view.  I’d like to introduce you to Karen.  I love her perspective on the program.  She originally got her Lifetime Membership 2 years before I as born, so she has seen many incarnations of WeightWatchers.  Karen is here to represent the 50+ crowd.

I hope you enjoy this look at the program from different perspective.


I was asked to write my thoughts about the new Weight Watchers 360 program.  My last meeting was the introduction to the program.


Let me start with why I joined Weight Watchers.  I have been a lifetime member since 1974  (I was 19 years old and newly married) and it took me only one card (16 weeks) to lose my original weight goal.  I think it was around 45lbs.  Now the program way back then was very restrictive.  You had to eat at least 3 fish meals a week and were supposed to eat liver. (though I told my leader she’d never see that on my diary. )  You had to turn your diary in every week and the leader went over it and returned it the next week.  I’m not at goal right now and have been back on the program since late summer of 2010 I came back because over the years since 1974 I’ve been at goal or just above it and then I stopped paying attention and my weight creeped up and up till I had a substantial amount of weight to lose.  This time it’s not about vanity.  I’m not 19 anymore I’m 58 and it’s all about my health.  I want to go into my 60’s fit and healthy.  I want to be able to ride on a cycling vacation next year and I don’t want to worry about heart problems or diabetes.  So no matter how long it takes me this time around I will be my normal seat on Saturday mornings listening to Kirsty teach us about whichever program is the current one.


This is my third program since I’ve been back and I’m hesitant to make changes to a program that has worked for me but I’m willing to give it a try.  I’m not sure how the new program will work so thank heavens they didn’t change the points part of it. I’m inching my way to “onederland” and my goal and decided when I returned to Weight Watchers that I would eat as I would “normally” because that is the only way I would be able to stay at goal this time around.  I would control portions and fats but wouldn’t deprive myself of my favourite foods.  Looking at the etools on line I see that there are lots of new ideas to keep me focused and help me get there and stay there this time.


I’ve found that I have to definitely add an exercise program to my food program and will make it one of my routines.


I’ll keep reading the new program materials, track and exercise and we’ll see what the next few weeks bring.   With all it challenges my goal is to maintain over the holidays.  Have a couple of my Mom’s buttertarts and track them and start the New Year not having to re-lose any of my “hard lost” weight.


I’ll let you know my experiences with the new program in a few weeks.  Have a great holiday season.





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