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Should I use my weekly PointsPlus allowance?

Every now & again I check out my website’s stats, and I take a look at what search terms are bringing you here.

This one comes up at lot: Should I use my weekly PointsPlus allowance?


Well, first of all, let me make it clear that this is my own personal opinion, based on how I live the Plan, and it does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Weight Watchers.


Let me tell you how I personally use my PointsPlus Values.

First of all, we have three PointsPlus “banks”.  We have our Daily PointsPlus Allowance (DPA), our Weekly PointsPlus allowance(WPA), and our Activity PointsPlus (APP) earned.

Let’s talk about them all individually first.

My Daily PointsPlus Allowance is what I use to meet my basic needs food & drink needs.  Think of this as your chequing account. This is where your pay cheque goes, and this is what you have to live off of.

My Weekly PointsPlus Allowance is my “credit card”,.  I use this, when there is something I can’t quite afford with what I have in the bank.

And finally, My Activity PointsPlus are my ‘second job’, my ‘fun money’.


Most days, I can survive just fine on my DPA. Here is an average day, as an example:

Breakfast: 7pts+ (Oatmeal, bran, flax, protein powder)

Mocha (homemade): 4pts+ (espresso, WW Chocolate smoothie, vanilla creamer)

Lunch: 5pts+ (Chicken Breast, Steamed Veggies, Oil)

Dinner: 8pts+ (Steak, roasted veggies w/ potato, oil)

Snacks: 2pts+ (WW bar, bananas, strawberries)

That is exactly 26pts+ , and I can fill myself up as much as I want on 0pts+ fruits & veggies.


But, not every day is the same, and I don’t cook for myself everyday. So let’s look at a day where I use the ‘credit card’.

Breakfast: 7pts+

Starbucks skim milk mocha: 6pts+

Deli Sandwich: 10pts+ (whole wheat bread, roast beef, real mayonnaise, veggies)

Snack:  beef Jerky 2pts+, Banana 0pts+, pineapple 0pts+)

Dinner: 13pts+ (1/2 McCain California Chicken Pizza)

On this day, I’ve used 36 PointsPlus Values, so that means I’ve ‘charged’ 10 to my credit card.  But hey, I had a friend over for pizza and a movie, and I had a blast.


Now, for me personally, I don’t like ‘charging’ things to my WPA. I like to get to the end of my week with all 49 PointsPlus Values still available to me. So, what can I do about that? How can I pay down my credit card?   Well, for me it’s easy, because I lead a pretty active lifestyle and usually I have a few APP in the ‘bank’ waiting to be used, but if I don’t, I know I can always go out and earn some.  I like to feel like any time I go over my DPA, I have EARNED what I am eating.  But that’s my way of doing things.


So let’s talk about the question at hand. SHOULD you use your Weekly PointsPlus Allowance?

There is really only one answer to this, and this is a resounding YES!  (Again, this is my opinion)

You want your weight loss to be a LIFESTYLE CHANGE not a quick diet.   Any of us are capable of restricting our caloric intake for short periods of time to create weight loss, but that is not a healthy, or long-term approach.  What you want to do is make small adjustments to your habits that are going to be sustainable.  You want to start making smarter choices, while still enjoying life.

Your Weekly PointsPlus Allowance is there to allow flexibility. It is there so you can enjoy life. It is there so you never have to say “Sorry, I don’t have the points for that”.

Now, you have to remember that every person is different, so what works for one person might not work for you.  There are some people out there who can use their entire WPA and still see great successes at the scale, and there are others that know they can only use half of them if they want to continue to lose weight.

The key here is that it is your choice, and you just have to know that sometimes, if you make the decision to use more of your WPA thank you usually would, you might not see as much of a loss at your weigh-in that week. But again, that is perfectly Okay. You just take what you learned from that, and move forward.

Personally, when I was on the downward journey, I learned that if I wanted to see great results at the scale, then I needed to use a few of my WPA as possible. Overtime, I learned that the best way for me to use as few of my WPA as possible was to try to make sure I always had APP available to me to use.


So, if you came here wondering if you should use your Weekly PointsPlus Allowance, I hope this answers your questions.  If not, feel free to ask away in the comments section below and I will do my best to answer!







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