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I believe…

It came to me in the middle of my last marathon.

I had run most of the race with my friend James, but I needed a porta-potty stop, and he didn’t, so we parted ways around the 32km mark.

When I came out of the porta-potty, he was long gone, and I used it as motivation to try and keep his orange shirt in my sights.

Kilometers 32-40 were pretty tough for me during the 2012 BMO Vancouver Marathon.  The long & flat Sea Wall was mentally tough.  Every time you turned a corner, you could see so much more sea wall in front of you, waiting for you.

It was during this time, while I was trying to catch up to James, that I realized that all the things I hold on to for strength weren’t available to me during a marathon.

My foot tattoo, that I got to commemorate finishing my first ever marathon is always hidden inside my running shoes. So that wasn’t available to me to call on for strength.   Who puts a running tattoo somewhere they can’t see it while they are running???


My  Sporty Jewels  42.2 / Believe bracelet wasn’t there either.  I don’t wear it while I’m running because it bugs me when it flops around on my wrist.  I’m also worried that all the jiggling about would cause wear and maybe it would fall off & I’d lose it.

The other objects I have around my house to remind myself of everything I am capable of are clearly not available to my during my runs, so I got to thinking about what I could carry with me while I am running.  What could I have with me, to draw on for strength when I ‘hit the wall’?

Somewhere on the Sea Wall, it came to me.  And that is when the idea for tattoo #5 was born.

For some time now, the word “BELIEVE” has held a significant meaning to me.

I think it started on October 12, 2008 when I stood and watched the finish line of the (then) Royal Victoria Marathon.  That was the day that I realized that the only thing stopping me from running a half, or full marathon was my belief in myself.

It was that day that I decided to BELIEVE that I can do it.

So, somewhere on the Sea Wall, the idea was born to have the word ‘believe’ tattooed on my wrist so that I could look at it at any point during a race and remind myself to believe.

The design went through many incarnations in my mind before I decided to keep it simple, and have it done in a nice, delicate font, similar to the one used on my foot.

Now, this coming weekend, when I’m coming down Irving, at the 35k mark in the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon, I can look down at my arm and remember to believe, and remember that I can do this.


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