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Having Fun With Fashion – Entertaining Myself

Okay, so as everyone knows, I have been in the bit of a slump lately.

I’ve kind of been going through my days on auto-pilot. Not putting any extra effort in, just getting things done with minimal effort.  Even to the point of getting dressed everyday. It was a case of reach in the closet, grab a dress, leave the house.  I was just on auto-pilot.

So, inspired by my Weight Watchers  coworker, Sheila, and a (year-long) challenge she set out for herself on her blog, I decided to have some fun with my clothing.  I did things in sort of an opposite way to Sheila though, instead of selecting a certain number of items from my closet and making outfits out of them for the week, I banned myself from all of my dresses.  I have a lot of dresses, over 40 at last count, so it has become really easy to just reach in the closet and grab one, but I also own a lot of other items of clothing that were never seeing the light of day.

So I challenged myself to a week of “No Dresses”.

Here’s how it went:

I have to say that Monday was kind of half-hearted. I decided to challenge myself on Sunday night, but didn’t really formulate a plan, so I ended up with a predictable black skirt, teal tank, black cardigan ‘ensemble.  It doesn’t look bad, but I felt blah in it all day.

There was no pizzazz, no spark, no fun! I decided that Tuesday needed a little more thought and planning, so I headed over to Pinterest to look for inspiration!




Inspired by this look, I pulled a few things out of the back of the closet, like a skirt I haven’t worn in months, and a belt that hasn’t been worn since it was in my Christmas stocking last year.

It wasn’t a perfect replica of the inspiration outfit, but I liked the colour combo, and it was a perfect fit with my new neutral summer shoes.

I felt better about Tuesday’s outfit, but I still wasn’t feeling as sassy as I would like, so on to day 3 with another plan!


Now THIS is starting to feel like me!

Wednesday’s outfit was a bit of a splash of colour.  I’ve loved this green skirt since I bought it, but never knew what to wear it with. Since I was in “challenge myself’ mode, I dug through my clothing, and back in the recesses of the closet I found this top.  I loved how the black & white pattern looked with the boldness of the skirt, but it had a heave band at the bottom of it that showed under the skirt. Well, easy fix. Since I never wear the skirt on its own, I had no problems taking the scissors to it and chopping off the band so I could tuck it in.

Thursday is my favourite day of the week to get dressed!  I like to put a little extra effort in to what I wear because the women of my Weight Watchers meeting take notice!

This skirt is one of my all time favourites that I’ve ever bought.  I had it altered to fit me perfectly and despite many requests from friends to borrow it, I have never loaned it out.

Thursday I felt most like me this week!



Friday, I dressed up some denim with some lace, for a dressy take on a casual Friday.

When I first bought this lace top, I wasn’t sure how I was going to wear it, but  it was too cute to pass it up.

I love the way it looks with the denim pencil skirt, and the belt that came with it was a perfect match for what are rapidly becoming my favourite summer shoes!

I got a lot of compliments on the top, so I think it was definitely a good purchase, considering I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it at first!


Saturday was a pretty simple outfit that I’ve worn many times before, but I just love it. The skirt has some really nice embroidery details on it, so I always wear it with a simple, basic tank. It’s a perfect, casual, laid back, Saturday Morning Weight Watchers type outfit!

I have to admit though, Saturday was probably one of the tougher days to dress without wearing a dress!  I’m so in the habit of wearing a cute little summer dress to work, that I caught myself reaching for one as I was about to get dressed.


All in all, I think it was a fun week and I will probably do it again some time soon!  One thing I know for certain is that I now have a few ‘go to’ non-dress outfits that I can reach for from time to time to get some variety in to my day-to-day wardrobe.

That being said, I’m glad to be able to get back to wearing some of my dresses this week!

So, what was your favourite outfit of the week? Have you ever ‘challenged’ yourself to mix up your wardrobe?







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  1. Sheila says:

    You did a great job all week, Kirsty! I really like the green skirt and the black/white one (va va voom!).