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It’s choice, not chance, that determines your destiny.

Every week, after my WeightWatchers meeting, I guide new members through what is called a “PowerStart Session”.

There are three of these sessions, touching on three different aspects of the program, but the one called “PowerChoices” is the one that currently speaks to me the most, personally.

And the great thing about WeightWatchers is that many of the skills we learn on our weight loss journey are entirely transferable to rest of our lives.

I’ve made choices in my life that I’m not proud of, but I wouldn’t change a single one of them because they have shaped me in to who I am. And I’m kinda proud of who I am.

So why is the phrase “It is choice, not chance, that determines your destiny” hitting home with me right now?

Well, I guess you could say it’s because I can see people around me not taking responsibility for the choices they have made. I see people still blaming others for their mistakes.

Let me say this:

I knew that the relationship I was recently in was not a committed relationship, and I knew he was ‘seeing’ other people, one other person, to be exact.   No big deal, I was seeing other people as well. Not that I told him, it was none of his business. In my mind, as long as we weren’t serious there was no need to tell him about other people I was spending time with.

I was under the assumption that he was of the same views. Therefore, by not telling me anything was serious with the other person he was seeing, I believed that it was simply casual. I was mislead.

I also admit to that the fact that I am a hopeless romantic, and fully believe that I will have my own happily ever after. That is what kept me clinging on to something that had run its course.

I take responsibility for the choices I made leading up to the recent events. He hurt me, but it’s not entirely his fault, it is OUR fault.


So as of today, I am making the choice to not longer expose myself to the things that cause me to give in to certain weaknesses.  I will avoid my ‘kryptonite’.

I am making the choice to mourn what was lost, and to move on to finding something better.

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