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On Running, Birthdays & Cupcakes!

I took up running on October 15th, 2007.

Yes, I remember the exact date.  I remember because it was SUCH a big deal.  You see, I am a lazy person by nature. I would absolutely rather be sitting on the couch eating cupcakes, than out going for a run in the dark & cold & rain.  But on October 15, 2007 I laced up a brand new pair of running shoes and ventured out to my local Running Room store.

I had made the decision to get active, and to do it at the Running Room for a variety of reasons. Mostly because I hate indoor exercise,  because I needed the group support and because I had come to the realization that the rest of the weight I was trying to lose wasn’t going to go away if I was sitting on the couch.

I remember that first night at my “learn To Run” clinic clear as day.  The instructors were nauseatingly chipper & energetic and way too optimistic about how awesome this was going to be.  They made us write down our goal for the clinic. I wrote, in capital letters: TO NOT DIE.  So after a half hour ‘classroom’ session, we headed outside in the dark to ‘run’.  The plan was run ONE minute, walk TWO minutes, repeat.


That first minute almost killed me.  “People do this for FUN???” I thought to myself.

Well, I came back the next week, and the week after that, and before you know it, I was even getting up on Sunday mornings to go out for a run!

That first year, my Birthday fell on a Saturday, and I had absolutely no interest in heading out for a run on a Saturday. Sleeping late was much more appealing.

Fast forward 11 months. I had just run in the Royal Victoria Marathon 8K road race! It was the first time I ever ran without taking a walking break  and it was the day that I made the decision that I wanted to take my running to the next level & train for a half marathon.  I was even excited to celebrate my birthday by having a ‘running party’ with my running friends. My new found fitness was such a big deal, I wanted to celebrate turning 32 by going for a 10K run. Too bad that I got in an unfortunate car accident just a couple weeks before my birthday, and was taken out of the game for a few weeks!  That meant no running to Celebrate my 32nd birthday.  Oh well, it turned out to be one of my worst birthdays ever anyway!  I’m glad that year is history! Anyway, there’s always next year, right?


Well, that was the plan until I was taken out of the game yet again in early November the following year, but this time it wasn’t an ‘unfortunate accident’. It was a full fledged running injury! Turns out that I ended up taking my plan to run a ‘half marathon’ in 2009 all the way through to running a full marathon in 2009!  A full marathon that I victoriously finished in 4:21:58, feeling amazing! However, a few weeks later, I learned the all important lesson that you really need to take some time off and let your body recover from the marathon before running again.

It was in November 2009 that I got my first ever DNF (Did Not Finish) in a race.  You see, as some of you know, about 3 weeks after finishing my first marathon, I decided to run a half marathon. That was not the smartest thing I’ve ever done & I ended up dropping out at the 8K mark.

Once again, I was out of the game and there would be no running to celebrate my birthday!


Okay, let’s fast forward again. To now. To Today. It is November 17th, 2010. It is my birthday.  And today, to celebrate my birthday & to burn off the birthday cupcake I had last night, I am going to run.  Yes folks, for the first time in my ‘running career’ I am going to celebrate the passing of another year with a run with my friends.  The weather is supposed to be crap, but I don’t care. I am excited.   My amazing boyfriend, who hates group running, is coming out with me, and we are going to run!

And speaking of the birthday cupcake I had last night… Let me just say that after swearing off cupcakes back in May, until my Birthday, it was delicious.  My feelings about the PR of that company aside (another blog post to follow another day), they do make an awfully tasty cupcake!  It was absolutely worth the wait.




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