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Day 6! Another success!

Do you remember when I first confessed to being a “Bad Weight Watcher”?

One of the things that triggered this realization was the fact that I was choosing my clothes based on what held things in, or hid things. It even went so far as going home to change in the middle of the day because I didn’t like the way my tummy was sticking out in a particular dress.   That  feeling was very reminiscent of my life pre-Weight Watchers, and it was something I never wanted to feel again!

Now I realize that even when we are at goal, we have days where we feel fat, or we are actually bloated, but this was a real, measurable, noticeable problem.  And while I am sure no one but me was noticing my tummy sticking out, it was enough to kick my butt in gear.

Well, I have good news!  Today, as I sit her eon Day 7, writing my Day 6 recap, I am wearing that very dress that I mentioned above. The dress that made me feel so uncomfortable that I went home & changed out of it.  And I FEEL SKINNY!  (I love that you can see my 3:59:59 motivation post it note that is stuck to the mirror! It’s almost race day!)


Now… how did Day 6 go?

Well, Breakfast, lunch & snacks were all the same as usual.  Some people may find that boring, but I find it to be a life saver!

When I got home from work, I needed to have something quick, to make my tummy happy before my run!  I decided I wanted to have a bowl of cereal!  Trying to be a good Weight Watcher, I got out the measuring cups to measure out exactly 3/4 cup of Rice Krispies.  Then I dropped the measuring cup & had to clean up 3/4cup of Rice Krispies from all over my kitchen!  SIGH!

Okay, so once it was cleaned up, I had a bowl of cereal for 3pts+ (2 for the cereal, 1 for the milk) and headed out the door to meet some friends to run the race route from this weekend’s 10K race.  Including my run there & back, I earned 13 APs!  Go me!

After that, it was home for a quick shower & my real supper, which included a chicken breast and… well… yeah, a chicken breast. Sometimes, you just don’t want, or need, more.

Then it was a quiet evening, snuggling on the couch & a good night’s sleep!

Now, bring on day 7!  I can totally do this!



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