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A cookie craving on Day 5! Seriously?

I’m going to call Day 5 another success, even though I consciously chose to use 9 of my APs for a giant chocolate chip cookie.


The biggest thing I did for myself this week to make it possible to stay on track was to take the time on Sunday and cook my lunches for the week in advance.  Being able to reach in to the freezer and grab a pre-portioned meal in the morning makes life so much easier!

Speaking of my pre-portioned meals, I had to be conscious of what I included in them in these last days leading up to the marathon.   It is a balancing act right now between portion control with low points meals & making sure I get all the food I need to fuel my body through the upcoming race.

When I’m not in the depth of a training cycle, I can get away with a 3pt+ lunch consisting of a 3oz portion of chicken breast & some steamed (or roasted) veggies.  But right now, I know my body needs much more than that to perform the way I want it to.  So lately, I’ve been replacing the 0pts veggies with roasted veggies, including potatoes.  I end up using an extra 3pts on my lunch, but right now it is worth it.

It is definitely true that one of the keys to success on Weight Watchers is planning ahead!  If I didn’t have my lunches pre-packed this week, there is no way I would have been able to stick to my daily points!

What are your keys to success? What is the most important thing you do for yourself that helps you stay on plan?

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