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Eek! Day 3 back on track!

Whew! Day 3 was a challenge.

With it being April, and things being CRAZY at the day job, we work Saturdays.  On Saturdays the boss buys lunch, and we don’t really get much choice in where we eat.

But I knew this going in to the day, and I was somewhat prepared for it.  Prepared in the fact that I knew there was no way I was sticking to 26pts+ for the day, and I was okay with that.  I knew I had a 2 hour run in the morning, and I would be able to earn Activity Points to compensate for the overage.

I started off the day with my usual breakfast & a coffee, and had a left over greek yogurt snack at the office to enjoy with some fresh strawberries.  I can never quite make it all the way from breakfast to lunch, so I almost always snack at 11am.

I went in to the day thinking I was going to order a garden salad, but that didn’t happen.  I remembered that I ordered a salad at this pub a while back, and they use the cheap ‘head lettuce’ and fill it with a bunch of veggies I don’t eat. So once I examined the menu, and realized that if I took everything I didn’t like out of that salad, I would end up with a bowl of head lettuce, I opted for a tastier, although more points expensive, choice; a small caesar salad with a grilled chicken breast.   It was delicious… but points heavy.

That was Okay, I was prepared for this day.

The afternoon came around, and I was out of fruit. So I had nothing to eat between lunch & dinner! EEK!  Luckily, dinner was planned early because of a planned trip to a 6pm movie.

Now, knowing that I was running for 2 hours this morning, I knew that I wasn’t going to get away with sticking to the 3pts+ I had left for the day, especially eating in another restaurant, so I made my decisions based on needed to fuel my body for the morning.

The smallest steak on the menu, steamed veggies (no oil) and a half order of mashed potato. There was also some nibbling of a yam fries appetizer, so I tracked a total of 12 points for the meal.

Off to the movie, where I put my foot down, and made a 10 year old unhappy by saying there would be NO POPCORN.

All in all, I went over my daily points by 9pts+, but I was conscious of my choices.

I’m going to consider day 3 a success!

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  1. WTG for getting back on track so well, Kirsty! You’re doing great. 🙂