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So how did day 2 back on track go, you ask?

Well let me tell you!

Thanks to the motivation and support of a couple of fellow WeightWatchers leaders who totally understand what I’m going through, I tracked EVERYTHING yesterday.

I went over my Daily PointsPlus Target by 2points, but I’m Okay with that, because (for the most part) I ate healthy food.

I planned my day pretty well.

Breakfast was packed ahead of time, so were my snacks.

I knew that I would feel a chocolate craving at some point in the day because of the ‘free for all’ chocolate supply we’ve had in the office lately, so I packed a WW 2pt+ bar with me and threw it in the freezer.

I totally called it. When I got back from lunch I had a crazy chocolate craving and made the decision to eat my 2pt+ bar, instead of my 2pt greek yogurt.  I knew the yogurt would be more filling, but I also knew it wouldn’t solve the chocolate craving.

My dinner was up in the air all day. I had invited company over, but didn’t know if they were coming or not until the last minute. Because of this, I was trying really hard to stick to the plan I had made for the day.   I knew that dinner with company would be higher points than dinner alone.

It ended up that I did have company, and my dinner was higher points that I had hoped, but I tracked it all and only went over my daily allowance by 2.


All in all, I feel like yesterday was a successful day, and I’m hoping the momentum keeps me going through today.

Check back tomorrow and I’ll let you know how I got through today… a day where I have to eat both lunch & dinner in restaurants that are not of my choosing!


Do you have any tips or advice on how to handle a day with 2 restaurant meals when you have no choice in the restaurant?


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