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Day 1 Back on track?

Day one back on track didn’t exactly go as well as planned.

Thursdays are a tricky day for me, even when I am completely on top of things, because I have to rush straight from my day job, to leading my Weight Watchers meeting in 45 minutes.

Usually I try to grab a snack at the grocery store to hold me over until dinner, but last night my energy level was low.  I’ve fallen in to a bad habit over the recent weeks of stopping to buy a sugary treat on Thursdays to give me an instant energy boost.

So yesterday I tracked breakfast, coffee & lunch perfectly, but fell off of the wagon with my sugary snack, pre-work snack & dinner.  When I went back, after the fact, and added up the points, yesterday was a 45pt day.  NOT COOL, not cool at all.



That’s Okay. I know Thursday is a hard day for me to track, and I also know that I start my Weight Watchers week on a Friday!

I also know that last night when I made supper, I made 3 extra servings, put them in lunch containers and in to the freezer. Now I have the start of my ready to go, ready to eat, lunches for next week.  I plan to do the same with tonight’s supper.

Another thing I did last night was pre-pack breakfast. I’m not sure how many I packed, I just used up all the breakfast containers I have in the cupboard! So I’m set in that department for about a week.  On top of that, I counted out and pre-packed all my vitamins for a week.

Tonight I am going to go to the grocery store & pick up some more fruits & veggies.  I was inspired by the meeting last night, so I think I’m going to pick up some spinach to hide in my pasta sauce, and maybe a couple of those frozen vegetable ‘steamer’ packs to have on hand for my lazy days!


So here we go on Day 2 of tracking and I’ve already found myself being more conscious of my decisions.  I can have a 2pt Chocolate Caramel snack bar later, or I can have my greek yogurt with my afternoon strawberry snack.  I can have a 2pt back of BBQ Pop Chips and only have 5pts left for dinner, or I can pop across the street & get a banana for 0pts & have 7pts for dinner. I can have a second cup of coffee with 2pts of vanilla creamer, or I can have a cup of tea with splenda for 0pts.

It is amazing how more aware I am, just by simply pre-tracking my main meals of the day. Last week, I am sure I would have chosen the higher point option in all the scenarios above.


So here’s to a good day 2.

How are all of you doing with your tracking right now? What is your number one tip when it comes to keeping up with tracking?

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  1. Kathryn says:

    Most days I try to do it in the morning and I actually get kind of excited about planning out what I can eat. I love food so picking out all the deliciousness that I’m going to be able to consume during the day is actually really fun.

    Sometimes I’m not able to track dinner right away but I track my morning and lunch points so that I have a lot of wiggle room for dinner which I always look forward to. I also almost always pre-track an afternoon coffee treat and an after dinner dessert and work around those so again, something for me to look forward to 🙂 Tracking gives me so much less anxiety about fitting treats and deliciousness into my day so that’s how I approach it.

    I know that’s not really a tip and you’re totally doing that anyway but maybe a different perspective that would be helpful? I’m jealous of your pre-packed breakfasts. I should start doing that with my breakfast omelettes, nuke & go!

  2. Jenny says:

    I get so many hits on my blog from people scenahirg for Cactus Club points values. I know I wrote ablog a while back when I was posting pictures of my food everyday, and I included the points values for the meal I had that day. I’m so glad to hear that you are back on the program loving it! I look forward to hearing more about your success!