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Bad Weight Watcher, BAD!

Hello, my name is Kirsty & I’ve been a bad Weight Watcher.

Between my marathon training appetite, things be crazy at the day job, and adjusting to a new routine since I moved, I have not been making the best food choices.

I’ve been attempting to eat “Simply Filling”, because, you know, cupcakes & chocolate are on the Simply Filling plan, right? They are totally power foods!


I’m up 5lbs from my goal weight, and 15lbs from my happy weight.

I’m struggling.

I can justify this in so many ways. I’m still within my healthy weight range, I’m still fit, I’ve gained muscle in my training, my clothes still fit, everyone struggles, I’m not alone, and so on…

But the truth is, just like any other Weight Watchers member, I am obsessed with that number on the scale and I am not liking what I see.


Yes, I’m still in my healthy weight range.

Yes, I’m still fit.

Yes, I have gained muscle during training, my thighs are huge!

Yes, my clothes still fit. (except my jeans, because of my thighs, but that happens every training cycle)

Yes, everyone struggles from time to time.

No, I’m mot alone.


BUT: That little spot on my tummy that starts to stick out when the weight goes on, the spot that tells me it’s time to smarten up, is starting to show.  I’m making different clothing choices based on what holds it in, or hides it. I don’t like that feeling in the morning.

I know what I’ve been doing. I know what choices I have been making that have lead me to this point. I know that I am ultimately responsible for this.

I know that starting today, I am tracking every single bite of food that goes in my mouth from this morning’s coffee, right up to the dinner before the marathon.

I will eat right. I will eat right, not only to get back to my goal/happy weight, but also because I want to fuel my body in the best way possible for my upcoming marathon.


I will do this. I will get back on track.


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  1. Sara says:

    Why don’t you focus on the clothes still fitting than the scales. Muscle (as you obviously know) weighs more than fat – so obsessing over the scale is just going to put you into a vicious cycle of obsession and possibly going over the edge in an unhealthy manner. If you do ANY weights, you’ll put on weight. The healthiest people and fittest (and hottest, if I may add) are those who have changed their training in a way that has made them stronger, not skinnier. You’re obsessing over skinny. Don’t do that.

    1. iamthenewme says:

      For the most part, I don’t over stress my weight during a training cycle. However, I am starting to notice that my tell tale, weight is going back on, spot is starting to show. And I am starting to have to make different clothing choices to hide this part of my body.

      So, what set off this ‘freak out’ is that, while my clothes still fit, they don’t fit like they did, and that is what I need to rectify.

      The number on the scale is just one of many measuring points.

  2. Ann says:

    I just wrote about this same thing and the response I got from other women was phenomenal. Plus I can’t seem to go to the gym since writing it without running into another woman who is struggling with their weight and their body image. I wish there was a way to stay healthy, stay fit and race ready and stop worrying about the freaking scale.

    1. iamthenewme says:

      Honestly, I have actually gotten to a point where I don’t stress out about the number on the scale, usually.

      I look & feel great. I’m a freaking marathon runner.

      The thing is, I can see the weight starting to creep on, and not just in my legs due to training. I can see the pudgy part of my tummy starting to show, and I don’t like that. The biggest thing for me was a couple weeks ago when I was wearing one of my favourite dresses, and I actually went home to get changed because I could see my tummy sticking out & I didn’t like it.

      The scale is going to be my best way of measuring that I am making progress as I attempt to get rid of that little bulge that is developing.