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The world, it works in mysterious ways.


I consider myself lucky that N & I have been able to salvage a friendship out of the shambles of out failed relationship.  I consider myself lucky to still be able to have his parents, and his amazing son in my life.  I think that we have definitely made the best of what could have been a messy situation.


Yesterday, I had to go back to my old place to pick up some mail, and finally get my bike. There were also a few other random things that were found in cupboards and closets that I’d missed.   Since I had to go there, and N had the day off of work, I asked him if he would load up some of my Christmas decorations that were being stored in his garage and bring them back down to the storage shed at my mom’s place.

It always amazes me how much he can fit in that little VW Golf of his.

Anyway, as we were loading the boxes in to the storage shed, I noticed a couple of old rubbermaid containers in there, marked with my name, that had been in storage for at least 10 years.  Since my mom has a dumpster in the driveway for construction garbage from the renovations to the suite I used to live in, I decided it was time to go through them and dump them out.

They were mostly full of old crafts I used to make and sell at Christmas Craft fairs.

As we were going through one of the boxes, I came across some picture frames I had painted, and in one of the frames was an old postcard.

I pulled it out, and flipped it over.  It was from N.

We stood there, side by side, reading this old love letter from another time, another life, just laughing at each other. A love note from a 24 year old sailor, at sea for months, missing his 20 year old fiance.

I tucked the postcard away and took it home with me to put away safely.   When I got home, I was reading it again when I noticed the old postmark from HMCS Huron and started reflecting on the fact that she was used for weapons practice and now rests on the bottom of the ocean.  That’s when I noticed the date on the postmark.

1997 – 04 – 09

Fifteen years ago to the day.

What are the chances?


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