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Finding time.

It has been a month, and I think I am starting to get settled in to my new routine.

The commute is shorter and I am spending way less on gas for the car, so that’s a good thing.

Marathon training has started again too, so that helps with routine.

I’m getting settled in to life.

N & I are on speaking terms, which I like. I’m pretty sure he will always be a part of my life.  I don’t think you can share that much history with someone and be able to just erase them from your life.  Plus, there is C.  I adore that boy & have grown very attached to him over the last couple years. He was up for a visit this past weekend, neither N or I had seen him since his Christmas visit, so that made it his first visit since the break up.  I went back and forth on lot while I was trying to decide if I should see him or not while he was here.  Yes, I wanted to see him, but I didn’t want to confuse him.  Well, after going back and forth on it, and talking it over with N, we decided to spend time together on Saturday.  We met for lunch, and C brought me up to speed on the plans for the day, then we told him it was up to him how much time I spent with them that day.  Well, how can you say no to a pair of big blue eyes looking up at you saying “please please please Kirsty, come on the ghost walk with us”.  The ghost walk never happened, it was supposed to start at 7:30pm, but N had been up since 4:45 & C had been up since 6, and everyone was just too tired to go for a 90 minute walk.  So we called it a day after a trip to the museum, an IMAX Movie (Tornado Alley) & Happy Feet 2 in IMAX. Both movies were great, but who brings newborns & toddlers to a movie theater? (I think that’s a topic for another post). Wandering around the museum hearing “Hey, Kirsty” every two minutes from this kid who melts my heart was such a great time. I hope to have more times like this in the future.


Anyway, back to what I was talking about: Finding Time!

I want to move forward and get on with my life.  One of the reasons N & I ended was because of different wants for out future. One of my definite wants is to “live happily ever after”. Well in order to do that, I need to meet a man and get to know him, right?

So can someone please explain to me where I am going to find the time?

If we think about the week Starting on a Sunday, this is how my schedule looks.

Sunday: Long Run 8:30am – Right now runs are only about 90 minutes long, but once we’ve had coffee after the run,the whole morning is gone. Then it’s home to shower & relax. Sunday is also my housework day. I like to get it all done on a Sunday afternoon/evening so that I can go in to the work week with an organized ‘life’.

Monday – Friday I work my ‘day job’ from 8:00 – 4:30, with varies commitments int he evenings.

Monday is a rest day from exercise, and it’s also my one night at home alone to do nothing. I often schedule low key socialization on Monday nights, with people who are willing to come to my house to hang out.  Monday is my at home day.

Tuesday I go to the gym right after work. This is where I get one of my extra runs in every week, even if I do hate the treadmill.  I also try to get n the bike and sometimes do some upper body work. By the time I’m done at the gym, I’m sweaty & gross and in no mood for company.

Wednesday is RunClub.  I work late on Wednesday to make up for the fact that I leave a little early on Thursdays. So I pretty much work until about 5:15 – 5:30, then head over to the Running Room for a run, which can take anywhere from an hour to 2hrs depending on the night.This is also the night I do my reading for my second job.

Thursday I work WeightWatchers in the evening.  I start at 4:45, so I leave work around 3:45-4(ish) and drive across town & give myself enough time to get some food in me. Work lasts until 7 o’clock, and then, depending on the week, this is one of the few times I have to socialize a little. But with having to get up by 6 (at the latest) for work the next morning, I can’t usually stay out too late.

Friday is another thrilling work day, and usually the day I try to get to go to a tweetup, or get together with friends. It doesn’t always happen though, because by Friday, I’m pretty pooped. Sometimes Friday just ends up being me at home on the couch, with a bag of (smart pop) popcorn and a movie. Friday is also a night I want to start putting a speedwork session in to my training schedule.

Saturday, this is where I can find some free time. On Saturday I work WeightWatchers from 8:30 – 11am, and then pretty much I’m free. Well, I’m free for the rest of this month, but in March & April I will be coming straight to the office and working until 3pm.  But when I get off work, that’s when I run errands, clean the car, groom the dogs. All manner of things can happen on a Saturday afternoon, but for the most part, they have to be things that aren’t too “on my feet” because I need my legs to be awesome for my long run on Sunday.

Somewhere in all of this I also schedule doctors visits, dentist appointments, chiropractor & massage, hair appointments, and a whole number of other random appointments.

I need to be pretty tough on myself with my training this time around. I’m getting annoyed with myself for setting this marathon time goal of sub-4hrs, and then not putting int he work to achieve it.  So this time around, Tuesday gym nights are not flexible, double workout Wednesday are a must, and speed work Fridays have to happen.  And I need someone in my life who understands that. Someone who is patient with me & my crazy schedule and someone who is supportive, and can talk me in to those extra workouts on the days I don’t want to go.

But first I have to find time to meet someone and get to know them. And I just don’t know where I am going to find the time to do that.  Because this time around, I’m not going to be slack on my training to spend time with a man. This time around I’m going to make my sub 4hr marathon goal, and I’m going to find a man who understands the importance of it.

It’s funny though, because in writing this, I can see a lot of holes in my schedule, where I could make time to meet someone.

Maybe it’s the time of year? It’s hard to be motivated to do things at night when it’s cold & dark outside!  Maybe I’m still adjusting to my new schedule?  Maybe I am just too busy to have the energy for the dating process? Maybe it’s the fear of rejection?

Or maybe I just need the guys who are flirting with me to actually get around to asking me out?

Now, there’s an idea!






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  1. Daniel says:

    Its amazing how a few small words have such an ipamct on us.You are doing so awesome Kristy! Would love to live closer to you to have you as my leader!