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So, what happened last week?


I know, I’m late posting this, I’ve been busy!! But you guys said you wanted to hear what happened in my week, and see what I wore…

So, here goes:

Monday we started with the dress I bought with my $25 Bay Centre gift card from when I was “Caught Looking Confident” in my red dress.  It’s a pretty simple, professional looking dress, but I wore it with a pair of fishnet style tights.  All in all, a simple, classic look, I would say.






Tuesday, it was time to pull out some colour. This is a favourite dress I’ve had for a while, and a really good winter dress. It’s a nice heavy fabric, and it is lined. So I just thrown on a cardigan over it at the office to stay warm.  You can’t really see, but I’m wearing flesh coloured fishnets, over nylons. Layering up to keep warm in the snow outside!





I got snowed in on Wednesday, and didn’t go to work. Later in the afternoon, once a path up the driveway had been cleared, I agreed to cover a WeightWatchers meeting for another leader who couldn’t get there, so I threw on some comfy pants and a sweater and ventured out in the snow. Puppy decided she wanted to be in the picture this time.





Thursday was a WeightWatchers work day, so you’re seeing a dress recycled from last week.  As much as I love clothes, I don’t actually have enough clothing to wear something new every day, so from time to time, you will see a repeat!

This is the black & white striped dress from last week, I just added a a coloured cardigan and nude nylons this time, to make it a little different from last time I wore it.

It was a huge hit with my members & coworkers, so I am glad I bought it, even if it was full price!

By the time Friday came around, I was getting tired of the snow, and tired of all the layering up that it was taking to keep warm, so I went with a simple pair of pants and sweater.

I bundled up with some tights under the pants, and a cami under the sweater.  Simple, lazy, Friday outfit.




Saturday was another version of pants and a simple purple sweater, but a little younger and more form fitting to work my Saturday morning WeightWatchers meeting.

I really need ease and comfort on Saturday morning. It’s a large group, in community centre, where we have to set up and take down the entire meeting room.

We had around 60 members on Saturday, so it’s getting back to the usual attendance now!


Saturday night was my friend Jenn’s birthday dinner.  It wasn’t her actual birthday, but it was the first time she was able to celebrate. I slipped on my dressier pair of black skinny pants and my epic sequined tank. Love this tank.

I also slipped on an amazing pair of shoes that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time. You see, these shoes have a really high heel and would make me taller than anyone who is say 5’9ish. That means I haven’t been ‘allowed’ to wear them in a couple year. Well, baby, they are back.


Sunday was the first of my ‘long run’ Sundays, so by the time it was time to get ready for work, I just wasn’t feeling it. This is one of the reasons I’ve resigned the Sunday afternoon WW meeting.

Anyway, I pulled out my go-to black pants and black boots, and slipped on a purple tank and a black cardigan. What you can’t see is that under the pants, I am wearing bright pink compression socks to help my legs recover from the hard morning run.

So that’s it… that’s what I wore this week. What else happened?




I wore snow boots with fishnets. I had an old time portrait taken. My car was covered with snow, but I cleared it. I was comfy at home in a hoodie (aka: a jennypants hug). My puppy fell asleep with her head on my shoulder. There was more snow. Almost a foot of snow on Wednesday. I got bored & found random things while cleaning my house on Wednesday, like a 5 year old birthday card and negatives.  My car hit 40,000km. I had a cupcake kind of day. I sent Aisha flowers to show her I was thinking if her before her wedding. My Spirit Of The Marathon DVD arrived. Kirsten was at dinner with me on Saturday night. There was a crazy windstorm on Sunday during my long run.


And that, my friends, is my week!


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