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Something I always wanted to do…

Remember when I said that one of the things that makes me completely Okay with the end of my relationship with N was the fact that we wanted different things.

Well, that translated in to both short term things, and long term things, as well as ‘material’ things.

In the last 5 years of my life, I have been through a giant transformation.

I mean, this used to be me:


Seriously, I used to look like that.

I barely remember that girl.  Honestly, it is hard to remember what it was like to be her because everything has changed so much.  If I think back I can remember that life was about eating & drinking, and other things that we don’t want to mention here.  Martinis happened on a daily basis. McDonalds happened on a daily basis. Falling asleep in bed with my laptop on my knee and my drive-thru bag beside me happened on a regular basis.

Now I look like this:


Better, no?

Eating & drinking are still big parts of life. But now I put much more thought in to what I am eating. When I do feel the need for a burger and fries, it’s at a sit down restaurant where the food is actually recognizable as having come from a natural source! The drinking is more often just one drink, once a week, instead of multiple every night and the bedroom is now a no food/no computer zone.


So, what about those differences between N & I? Well, one of them seemed to be how we liked to spend our own money.

I am loving life right now, and I like to celebrate it. I love shopping for new clothes, as you have probably gathered by my recent posts. After having spent so many years unable to fit in to modern, sexy, fashionable clothes, I think it is time that I have a wardrobe that makes me feel good.

Another way I am celebrating loving life right now is by doing things I’ve always wanted to do.

I’m very much a live in the moment kind of person, and planning a head is not something I am good at, so the list of things I’ve always wanted to do isn’t very long, but I am consciously making efforts to add things to the list regularly.

One of things that has been on the list for quite a long time was to go and get an ‘old time portrait’ taken.  I had always pictured doing it with ‘my man’, but since I don’t have a man, I figured what the hell! I’ve wanted to do this for years, so why not?

I had a couple friends go with me, and they had their portrait taken before it was my turn! That was probably a good thing because it gave me time to get settled and relaxed!

I had so much fun and I am so glad I did it!

So, here it is:

What do you think? Kinda fun, hey?


Now, what else do you think I should add to my ‘must-do’ list?


<3 K.

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